June 6, 2023

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United Arab Emirates .. Announcing evacuation to residents of Jebel Ali village in Dubai as a preparation for its removal

Reuters Christopher Bike

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates

Naqeel, a real estate development company in the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled plans to demolish the Jebel Ali village in Dubai and build a two-storey luxury villa complex.

The plaintiff confirmed that it had informed the residents of its plans and complied with the legal requirements.

He added that his new project would include swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds and bike paths.

The Associated Press said residents received eviction notices and were given 12 months to do so, which was pasted on the doors of their homes.

Donna Dickinson, a British woman living in Jebel Ali, who spent her teenage years in the village and returned with her family last year, said, “What is being proposed to us now could happen anywhere in Dubai. Personally, I do not think so.” I do not want to redevelop, I want to see the growth of what is here. “

Dickinson said the village is his permanent home in a city where foreigners outnumber locals.

With the growth of the oil industry in the 1970s, American and European employees of international oil companies were attracted to the generous salaries in the Gulf.

Foreigners settled with their families in heavily guarded communities in Jebel Ali.

With its prosperity, a school, horse stables and a community club were built there, in which people gathered for entertainment.

Source: “The Associated Press”