March 29, 2023

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بالبلدي: أحمد جمال يطلق أغنية “عايشين نتعلم” من برج خليفة

Ahmed Kamal releases the song “Live We Learn” from Burj Khalifa

Singer Ahmed Kamal from Burj Khalifa in Dubai has released a clip of his new song “Aishin ‘We Learn” for the Al-Mentoor Education Foundation.

Jamal posted the launch video through his Instagram account

From Dubai, the name of the “Guide” site appeared in the tower, with a short clip of the 4 minute song in the background, which is scheduled to be fully released on various social websites soon.

Following are some lines from Ahmed Kamal’s song “Aishin Naam Kartukkonom”:

We live and learn
And let’s talk to each other
How to achieve our dreams?
How do we live together in this world?
Even dreams need a sign
So we can walk forward
And we live and enjoy the days

The song will be released as part of the “Challenge” campaign in association with the Al-Mindor Education Foundation, with artist Ahmed Kamal announcing the merger a few days ago through his accounts on social websites.

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Through his account on Facebook, Jamal wrote: “Al-Punni Adam is a fingerprint and fingerprint will never be repeated, and the Al-Monitor challenge I participated with the elite stars because it is a hallmark of continuous learning … Every month we learn to live life right, but The important thing is to stop the challenge.

Also, in the last few days, many celebrities have joined the campaign, especially artist Heba Magdi, journalist Ibrahim Fayek, media personality Khalid Alish, artist Hanan Mudawa, artist Nesma Mahjoub and artist Ahmed Fahmi.

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