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Mental Care for All | Safia Al Shehi


On October 10, the World Mental Health Organization raised the slogan “Mental health care for all: let’s make this slogan a reality” as World Mental Health Day was monitored by campaign examples of best practices used by affected countries. Corona infection affects health care workers and other front-line workers, students, non-waiters and people with mental health conditions, in the context of major psychological effects. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the World Health Organization in mid-2020 showed that mental health and neurological services and substance use disorders services were severely affected during epidemics.
The first step is to recognize the complexity of this challenge, and the reason for the optimism is that many countries have recognized the gap in mental health services in all countries, as well as the organization’s comprehensive action plan on mental health. Measure the progress of their implementation by 2030, including updating project implementation options and indicators. One of the initiatives initiated by the WHO is the Mental Health Atlas Project, which provides a clear picture of the available resources for mental health.
At the local level, an initiative was launched with the UAE Digital Quality of Life Council and the “Snapshot” application titled “Here for You” to help achieve a secure digital community by providing active support to users of the application. Suffering from psychological or emotional crises, and wanting to know more about these issues, or want to help others, by providing knowledge and information on terms and concepts related to mental health, and the way to upload content on topics such as cyber bullying, good digital citizenship and the charter of digital privacy And deal with the terms.
It is everyone’s duty to support mental health and improve the quality of life and community, and this is not only related to the dissemination and dissemination of knowledge, but also to the provision of communication channels with professionals in all workplaces … educational institutions, private sector companies, and even small and medium enterprises. The development of strategies for early detection of mental disorders, and curricula related to awareness in our schools and universities is an absolute necessity that cannot be ignored at a time when impacts, distractions and psychological stress factors have become part of youth and adults. The daily lifestyle of the individual.
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