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Al-Fayhaa sounds the alarm…a lesson to Al-Nasr's “arrogance” and Al-Hilal “suffers” without this player!


Highlights of Al Hilal vs Al Fayha match in Roshan Saudi Professional League


Even if you win throughout the match, don't make sure you get any points against Al Hilal Saudi Club's first football team; Except when you hear the referee officially blow the final whistle.

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This is what happened in Al Hilal's match against Al Fayha this Friday evening in Round 19 of the Saudi Roshan Professional League for the current season 2023-2024.

Al-Fayha's plan was successful on 86 minutes; Until Al-Hilal Club's international star centre-back, Ali Al-Bulaihi, used a set piece for his side before Serbian Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the first goal of the game, in spectacular fashion, with great determination. Added “second” from penalty kick.

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And given what happened on a hot Friday night; A set of facts can be extracted from Al Hilal's match against Al Fayha Club's first football team: as follows..

Al-Fayha is the “real end” of Al-Hilal Al-Kabeer Club

Yes… Al Fayha lost to Al-Hilal; But Roshan proved once again that it is the team that causes the most trouble for the leader who always wins three, four, even seven in the Saudi Professional League.

Suffice it to say that in the last 8 matches between the two teams, in various local competitions, the balance between Al Hilal and Al Fayha clubs has been evenly matched.

Al-Fayha have won 3 times in the last 8 matches between the two teams. That's the same tally Al-Saim Al-Hilali equaled in tonight's match, in exchange for two draws.

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The importance of Malcolm de Oliveira at Al Hilal Club

The Al-Fayha match proved beyond doubt the importance of 26-year-old Brazilian star Malcolm de Oliveira within the Al-Hilal club's first football team.

Malcolm missed a match for Al Hilal for the first time since joining the Blues in the summer of 2023. This is because he is suffering from an injury.

The Brazilian star offers several solutions. Despite his skills or talent in front of goal, Al-Jaiem Al-Hilali's technical staff also uses him on the right wing or behind the striker. His compatriot Michael Delgado could not.

Although Malcolm did not perform spectacularly in competitions at times; But with his movements, he can open up spaces for his teammates on the offensive line. This was not the case against Al-Fayha as the team did not win from set pieces.

A Lesson in the “Arrogance” of Victory Before the Asian War

Al-Fayha's impressive performance against Al-Hilal, as well as the tactical and defensive organization it showed throughout the 86 minutes, could be a huge lesson for Al-Nasr Club before they face the two teams in 2023-2024. AFC Champions League competition.

The tie for the round of 16 of the AFC Champions League resulted in a clash between Kalat Al-Alami and Al-Fayha. The Nasraoui media responded with an initial celebration of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Al-Nasr club-affiliated media saw Al-Fayha as the easiest team for Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo's team to face compared to other rivals in the same round.

But… Al-Fayha's display in front of the Hilal chief could be a sign that the Asian clash will never be easy for the Nasroi side, who must shed their arrogance or find themselves outside the Champions League.

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