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Al-Futtaim launches Toyota GR Sport Land Cruiser in UAE


Dubai: Al-Futtaim has revealed that Toyota has unveiled the much-anticipated GR Sport model of the Land Cruiser in the region, boosting the profile of one of the best performing off-road vehicles in the Middle East. This car offers unparalleled performance on various roads and is complemented by a spacious and high quality interior that guarantees a refined experience on every journey.

Since its launch in 1951, the Land Cruiser has maintained its position among the most preferred choices among customers, thanks to Toyota’s high quality, durability and reliability that reflects its solid experience in this field. The new model, released after 70 years, features unprecedented improvements in the chassis and powertrain of the SUV segment.

The Land Cruiser debuted at the world’s toughest Dakar rally in 1995 and has not retreated in the commercial car segment for more than 25 years. Improvements in the new Land Cruiser (300 Series) and especially the GR Sport are the result of more than 25 years of experience from this highly competitive sporting event. The company has benefited from the feedback of drivers participating in the development of the GR Sport model, improving the car’s safety and driving ease and improving its ability to cope with even the most difficult driving conditions. The Land Cruiser team plans to take part in the Dakar Rally on the GR Sport (300 Series) from 2023.

Although Toyota has adopted its new DNGA platform, Toyota reaffirms its confidence in the design dimensions of the car that engineers who have proven its performance have maintained unchanged. These new improvements came as the car reduced its weight, reduced its center of gravity, adopted a new powertrain, added new components to the interior and exterior designs, and improved safety features; Toyota’s technical expertise has been accumulated over the years and the latest technologies.

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The new GR Sport model is unique with new exclusive features, including an electronic dynamic suspension system for the first time in the world, which controls stability and stability adjustment as it helps increase driving and stability in the city. The performance of the car is improved because it automatically adjusts independently with the front and rear dampers, and delivers precise adjustments to different road conditions and individually for each wheel position to ensure greater stability.

In addition, the new 3D Terrain Monitor helps the driver determine the condition of the roads around the vehicle, a new technology in Toyota vehicles that makes steering and maneuvering safe and reliable at low speeds. The automatic adjustment system improves the capabilities of many landscaping systems by making the necessary changes to suit the nature of road surfaces, whether sand, rock, dirt or mud, and also includes a feature when the car has a crawl control system and cornering.

The GR Sport model has a torque-sensitive finite slip variation that helps improve off-road performance, with a unique radiator grille, exceptional front and rear bumpers, exclusive wheel curve and swingarm fit, unique rear mudguards and a stylish logo on the front, and rear. Two distinctive stickers on the back doors and a special car logo. This car is unique in its interior design, with a unique leather steering and a special tag-off screen, as well as the GR logo on the front seats and carbon fiber power panels.

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