February 4, 2023

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Nancy Ajram celebrates the arrival of her song "Salamat" with 10 million views

Nancy Ajram celebrates the arrival of her song “Salamat” with 10 million views

The star, Nancy Ajram, celebrated the arrival of her new song “Salamat” with 10 million views on her official YouTube channel. From the words of the poet Shadi Nair Organized by Mohammad Yahya, Hadi Sharara.

Nancy Ajram

On the first of December, Lebanese star Nancy Ajram performed the closing ceremony of the Roman Theater Nights in the summer of 2021, in the presence of a full audience of various ages and Arab nations.

Nancy appeared with an open black bracelet in all her elegance. At the beginning of his column, he was keen to greet the audience and thought about the different ages of the audience, expressing his admiration in the presence of adults, youth and various groups even children.

Nancy lit up the party with many of the songs she performed throughout her artistic career, including “Who Forgotten You”, “Salamat”, and the recently released “Ah and a Text”, “You E”, “Ya Bonnet” and “You Egyptians”.

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