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Kiss of divers in the world .. Discover the wonders of nature in the Ross Mohammed Reserve in Egypt


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – At the tip of the Sinai Peninsula between Africa and the Middle East, you can find some of the cleanest seas on the planet for diving at Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt.

Ross Mohammedan Sanctuary is the diversion mecca of the world as it combines three environments in an impressive assortment of seaweed, corals and brightly colored fish.

Clown fish in anemonesCredit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

The Ross Mohammed Reserve is one of the most important reserves in Egypt according to its international classification because it is one of the 3 most important diving sites in the world due to the quality of its coral reefs and marine environment.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
The water in Ross Mohammed is very clear and home to many rare sea creatures Credit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

Sheriff Galal, an Egyptian photographer who specializes in wildlife photography and underwater photography, said in an interview with CNN in Arabic that the Ross Mohammed Reserve is one of the most beautiful parts of Egypt, as well as one of the best diving sites in the world.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
The Ross Mohammedan natural reserve is distinguished by the quality of its coral reefs and marine lifeCredit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

Galal, a physician and researcher in the Canadian-based pharmaceutical development industry, says: “I have dived in many parts of the world, from east to west, and I do not exaggerate when I say that it is the best diving area.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
Credit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

Galal explained that the area is famous for its coral reefs and is in the process of migrating many dangerous sea creatures such as sea turtles.

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Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
Eel fish Credit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

In addition to the various species of sharks, almost all species of Red Sea turtles live in the area, including green turtles and lockerhead turtles, he added.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
Swamp canal in the Ross Mohammed Nature ReserveCredit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

Galal pointed out other natural elements of the Ross Mohammed Reserve, from mountains and rocky nature to swampy canals, creating an integrated and brooding environment for marine life, as well as a resting place for migratory birds such as sea tigers. Great destination to see the birds.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
Seismic area in the Ross Mohammed ReserveCredit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

Galal recommends visiting this place with a tour guide, the enchanted lake and the seismic fissure, the cracks in the earth’s crust, and the water flowing inside it, and the red blind breeding shrimp in it.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
There are more than 200 types of coral reefs in the area, so it is ideal for diving and enjoying the beauty of intact nature.Credit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

Ross Mohammed can be visited by a ship, where Time boats sail from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh to diving sites in the reserve, such as the Yolanda Rock, named after a Cypriot cargo ship that sank in the west. According to Jalal, in the 1980s the rocks became home to many fish and various marine life.

Ross Mohammed National Park in Egypt
Credit: Sheriff Galal / @Sharif_Kalal_Photo

The excise emphasizes that the Ross Mohammed Reserve is a first-class marine environment, so a visit without a diving experience means “missing out on many opportunities to see a beautiful paradise full of different sea creatures that cannot be seen around the world.”

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Jalal advises to go to the Reserve between February and April of the year.

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