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Al Jazeera reported a week ago .. Global Health: War in Ukraine will increase the spread of corona and serious diseases | Health


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The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the war in Ukraine will increase the spread of “Govt-19” and expose a large number of people to the serious illnesses predicted by Al Jazeera’s special report released a week ago. Reports by Dr. Hosam Abu Farzak, a consultant on the diagnosis of tissue diseases, and another report by Al Jazeera on Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that large numbers of people in Ukraine will be exposed to the spread of COV-19 and that large numbers of people will be exposed to serious illnesses due to the low oxygen supply.CNBC.

Speaking at a news conference in Geneva, Dr Bruce Aylward, a senior adviser to the World Health Organization, told a news conference in Geneva that “infectious diseases are ruthlessly exploiting the conditions created by war.”

According to the World Health Organization, at least 3 major oxygen stations in Ukraine have been closed due to the fighting. Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprais said medical supplies provided to Kiev before the Russian invasion were currently inaccessible and called for a safe humanitarian corridor to provide much-needed medical supplies to Ukraine. According to the World Health Organization, there is also a shortage of cancer drugs and insulin.

The director of the World Health Organization added that mass migration would increase the prevalence of COVID-19, as well as increase pressure on health systems in neighboring countries.

“Before the conflict erupted, Ukraine experienced a new wave of COVID-19 cases,” Tetros told a news conference. “Low test rates from the onset of the conflict are likely to result in significant undiagnosed transmission with low vaccination. Coverage. This increases the risk of infection.” A lot of people are seriously ill. “

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Al Jazeera Net reports a week ago that injuries, deaths and oxygen shortages will increase

Under the heading “Does the Russian attack on Ukraine threaten the emergence of a new strain of corona? And how will it affect the deaths?” Published on Thursday, February 24th, we asked Dr. Hussein Abu Farzak, a Historical and Clinical Diagnostic Consultant in Amman, Jordan, to respond to Al Jazeera Net exclusive reports.

Dr. Hussein Abu Farzak said, “We know that sanitation has improved in Ukraine. However, we expect military action to increase the death toll. , And this is a result of the lack of oxygen supply to those in hospitals.

Dr. Abu Farzak added that the number of injuries would increase with the displacement because there would be no commitment to social exclusion activities and it would also increase the number of people who need to be hospitalized, but they would not be able to find hospitals in the light of the war, and this would lead to an increase in deaths.

The doctor advised health officials to store corona treatments, “I advise international organizations, such as the Red Cross, to set up field hospitals in low-growth areas and provide oxygen supplies.”

Recent developments in the spread of Govt-19 in the world

The World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday – Wednesday – that illness, fatigue and mental health are the most affected by the Govt epidemic because anxiety and depression cases have risen by more than 25% worldwide.

In a new study on this topic, the World Health Organization noted that in many cases the health crisis is a major barrier to access to mental health services and has raised concerns about an increase in suicidal tendencies.

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In Spain, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that the “Covit-19” virus had crossed the threshold of 100,000 deaths, during which time the health condition was significantly improved after a wave caused by the clumsy omigran. .

Yesterday, Wednesday, the infection rate reached 486 cases per 100,000 people in the last two weeks, up from 3,397 cases on January 17th.

Two years after the outbreak, more than 11 million infections have been reported in a country of more than 47 million people.

About 6 million people have died from the corona virus

Of the more than 436 million confirmed infections, since the end of December 2019, the Govt epidemic has officially killed at least 5,962,297 people worldwide, according to Agency France-Press.

The United States has the highest death toll (952,509), followed by Brazil (649,630), India (514,246) and Russia (353,230).

The World Health Organization estimates that the number of deaths directly and indirectly due to “Govt-19” may be 2-3 times higher than the total number of deaths.

Proof : Al Jazeera + Agencies + French + CNBC

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