May 22, 2022

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تمارين صحية للحفاظ على عقلك نشطا وصحيا

Healthy exercises to keep your mind active and healthy

People who already have mental health problems find it very difficult because being locked up at home makes their symptoms worse. As public health problems increase day by day, experts recommend exercise to stimulate the brain and stay healthy. Website.myhealth only“.

How do you know if your brain is inactive?

Due to a busy day or insomnia a person may sometimes feel dizzy, tired or inattentive which may not bother you much, but experiencing these symptoms for a long time can cause anxiety.Fog, cloudy thinking, poor concentration, irritability, low motivation.

Why do you suffer from these symptoms when you are in prison for a long time at home?

Over time, corona infection can wreak havoc on your mental health. For a long time due to screen time and insufficient sleep, ignoring these issues can be harmful.

Brain exercises

Here’s how to keep your mind healthy and healthy:

Exercise regularly: Older children and teens need about an hour of moderate-intensity exercise, while adults need about 150 minutes a week.

Engage in memory practices: Learn how you feel or are feeling in the present moment.

Meditation or breathing exercises.


Try learning a new activity, musical instrument, or new language.

Engage in creative activities such as art and cooking.

Neuro exercises that stimulate your brain

There are some other specific activities that are different from your regular tasks and help stimulate your brain:

Try to write with your non-dominant hand.

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– Use both hands to paint, also known as double doodling.

Hold things in your non-dominant hands.

Comb your hair with your left hand.

Try drawing a mirror image of something.

Neuro exercises that stimulate your brain
Neuro exercises to stimulate your brain

Try one leg balance exercises. If it’s easy, you can do it with your eyes closed.

– Try to imagine your city map.

Eat foods that are multi-colored because it gives you a lot of emotional reactions.