August 17, 2022

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Al-Mundasir Billah explains why he was so called in the "video" on his birthday.

Al-Mundasir Billah explains why he was so called in the “video” on his birthday.

Thanks for reading the news on his birthday, “Video” and now the details of the news, explaining why al-Mundasir Billah was given this name

Cairo – Samia Saeed – Today is Monday, February 21, the birthday of the God-winning comedian. To set foot firmly, he shone in the metaphor of the characters he presented.

In an old video from before 2001, al-Mundasir Billa explained why journalist George Kardashian was called by this name, as he told his father on the “Who Wins the Million” project. In a humorous form, his father died, the first 3 children born to him, all named “Esat”, said his father worked in a monologue. His Lord said, “I am. When I answer a boy, you take him .. I mean, you love my children so much .. Well, if a boy comes, your name will be put on it, and then a boy will be named al-Mudas Allah behind it, he Was another son, so he said, ‘We have won like this,’ so he called me al-Mundasir by Allah, “and he said,” All the names of his brothers bear the name of God, that is, al-Mahfouza by God, and honor of God. ” , God’s blessing. ”Then he joked,“ Slander, I seek refuge in God. ”

The artist married Aziza Kasab, an artist who devoted himself to taking care of his three daughters. : You answer her like this, You make yourself like this, Understand the fences, challenges, views of tanneries, Hard times, The devil, The one who loved me, Tayeb Effendi, Corruption, Teacher Sama, Magnavati, Egyptian citizen, Hareed al-Kohari, Want to kiss, We like and dig, thick lips, against the government, poor but happy, trainee lawyer, students banned, sorry for this mistake, poor people and people Lysa, O Lord, you are generous.

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Also in the theater he presented: Inquiry, Ladies, Very Happy Family, Muhammad Ali Street, For Your Eyes, Urgently Wanted, Scholar Pasha, and on TV he presented: The Patriot, I, You and Baba series The Apricot, My Daughters Stories, Run Run, Regel West State, which is a really happy family, Al-Mawardi Street, I will not walk the path of yesterday, the right one will not overturn, Sons, but, Al-Vin’s days -Munawara, Arabesque, Al-Sharqish, the time has come, Mako Faqa, Oyon, The world is not doomed.