December 8, 2022

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تقديم الخدمة الطبية لـ79 ألف سيدة بالمنيا ضمن فعاليات العناية بصحة الأم والجنين

Providing medical services to 79,000 women in Minneapolis as part of maternal and fetal health activities

Maj. Gen. Osama al-Qadi said Governor of MinyaThe Directorate of Health is continuing the work of the President’s initiative to take care of “maternal and fetal health” by providing free medical and treatment services to women at all governorate centers, initiated by President Abdel Fattah L-CC. Republic, for the protection and health of Egyptian women..

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Nadi, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health in Minneapolis, explained that he provided health care to 2,200 pregnant women in January. Since the inception of this initiative in all governorates, noting that 79,498 pregnant women were tested for mother and fetus..

Dr. is the Director of the Department of Basic Care and the Coordinator of Presidential Initiatives in the Minya Governorate. Ahmed Khalil pointed out that the aim is to screen pregnant women from the first day of pregnancy to birth, with the aim of diagnosing many diseases in advance. The most important of which is the virus. ( Liver B – Syphilis – Human Immunodeficiency Virus )In addition to testing for stress and body weight, height and blood sugar levels to prevent the transmission of diseases from mother to fetus, the effort is being carried out at 260 health units and medical centers. The health departments at the Minneapolis level, through trained medical teams, follow all necessary preventive and precautionary measures and infection control measures..

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