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All about Gmail and Hotmail and creating a new account


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If you are looking for how to create a new email account in Gmail or Hotmail, to take advantage of all the services of Google and Microsoft or use it for personal and business purposes, we will describe how to create an account. An account that starts sending and receiving emails.

In this article, we will explain the correct way to create Gmail account and Hotmail account through mobile phone and computer.

Information about Gmail

Gmail is one of the largest websites that provide completely free email service. Google launched Gmail email service in 2004 and this service has been developed as one of the best services offered by the company.

What are the features of Gmail?

Gmail platform is one of the most important platform nowadays because this platform has many great features that users need and the features include:

● Google provides 15 GB of storage where you can download files and share them with others.

● Google offers strong security for electronic accounts, and you can link the account to a phone number and enable two-step verification to ensure your email is protected.

● With email from Gmail, you will enjoy all the additional services associated with the account such as cloud storage, office service and others.

● You can create a professional Gmail account to communicate with various companies and organizations around the world.

● Gmail supports more than 40 languages ​​worldwide like Arabic, English, Spanish and others.

● You can communicate with others through video calls with Google Mate.

● Google provides Gmail application on Android and iPhone platforms.

● The Gmail platform has a high level of security because its encryption is HTTPS.

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How to Create Gmail Account on PC

The steps to create an account in Gmail are simple and easy steps which are as follows:

● Sign in to your Gmail account From here.

● Click the (Get Gmail) button on one side of the screen.

● A new window will open where you can add name, username, password and other account information.

● After recording the data, press the (Next) button.

● You will be taken to a new page to complete the data registration process such as phone number, recovery email, date of birth and gender.

● After completing all these data, click on (Next) button.

● Privacy and Terms page will open, then click on (I accept) button.

● In this way, a Gmail account will be created from the computer.

How to Create Gmail Account with Mobile Phone

We have explained how to create Gmail account through computer, here are the exact steps to create Gmail account through mobile phone:

● Install Gmail application on mobile phone running on Android or iPhone platform.

● Sign in to the app, it will ask you to sign in with the previously created or created account Gmail account New.

● After clicking Create New Gmail Account, a new window will open to add your data like name, username and password.

● After pressing the (Next) button, you need to enter the remaining data required for the account to complete the account creation process.

● After that, accept the privacy policy and press (I accept) button.

● In this way, Gmail account can be easily created through mobile phone.

Information about Hotmail website

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Hotmail, now known as Outlook, is one of the oldest email platforms. Hotmail was founded in 1997 by entrepreneurs Saber Bhatia and Jack Smith, and after Hotmail’s user base reached 8 million users, Microsoft bought the site for $400. million.

What are the benefits of Hotmail service?

Hotmail offers many great features that many users need and the features include:

● Hotmail is one of Microsoft’s free services.

● The company offers a cloud storage service linked to email, and the cloud storage space is 5 GB, during which files can be uploaded and shared with others.

● Hotmail account can be directly connected to various platforms like Skype, Microsoft product, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and many more.

● Outlook, formerly known as Hotmail, is available on Android and iPhone operating systems.

● Microsoft provides complete protection for email accounts from spying and fraud.

● With email at Hotmail, you can benefit from all the free and paid services of Microsoft.

● All Office programs can be used online after creating an account in Outlook.

● The Outlook platform is the official platform for communicating with international organizations.

● The interface of website and app is simple and can be used by all users.

● The application is multilingual and the language of the application can be easily changed to Arabic or English.

How to Create Hotmail Account on PC

As we mentioned earlier that Hotmail is now called Outlook, below we will learn how to create an account in Hotmail:

● Log in to the official Outlook website From here.

● Click the (Create New Account) button.

● The site will ask you to register a username for your account.

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● Select the domain name (Outlook) or (Hotmail), then press the (Next) button.

● The site will ask you to create a password for your account.

● After that, add first and last name, then date of birth and country, then press the (Next) button.

● Account creation process takes some time.

● The application may ask you to solve a test or captcha to confirm that the account belongs to an individual.

● Then it will be done Create a Hotmail account Successfully.

How to Create Hotmail Account with Mobile Phone

The steps to create an account on Hotmail using a mobile phone are mostly the same as creating an account on a computer, and the steps to create an account on a mobile phone are as follows:

● Open the Outlook application from the mobile phone.

● The application will ask you to create a new Hotmail account.

● Add your email username and note that you can use Gmail’s email.

● After that, the application will ask you to add the password, then press the (Next) button.

● Add your username and email and then press the (Next) button.

● After that, account will be created automatically and you can enjoy all Microsoft services.

● In this way, Hotmail account is created through mobile phone.

Finally, many users are looking for the right way to create a Gmail account and Hotmail account, in this article, we have explained how to create a Gmail account and create a Hotmail account through mobile phone and computer.

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