March 21, 2023

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"عنبر 6" يجمع صبا مبارك وسلاف فواخرجي وأيتن عامر

“Amber 6” unites Sabah Mubarak, Sulaf Fawakarji and Ayden Amar

04:00 p.m.

2021 October 01 Friday

I wrote – Mona L MagyG:

The makers of the “Anbar 6” series continue to work on the production for its presentation, and this work includes a host of art stars from around the Arab world, with co-stars: Sabah Mubarak, Solaf Fawkarji, Fatima Al-Safi, Ayden Amar, Jumana Karim, Naeem Al-Tafri , Raneen Matar, Rania Isa, Tatiana Merheb, Natasha Safani, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Eli Mitri, Fadi Ibrahim, Pierre Dakar, Randa Kati, Rosie El Kali, Gerta Aun

Story Factory Workshop completed the script for the Amber 6 series, which went into shooting after 6 months of production, was filmed in Lebanon, and the series’ makers created special decorations for prisons in large areas to enrich reality.

The first season of the series consists of 12 episodes and is inspired by real events about stories revolving around prison worlds that rocked public opinion. It was produced by Eagle Films, Jamal Sinan and directed by Ali Al-Ali.

The Amber 6 series is the third play to be launched by the Story Workshop, a writing workshop founded by writer Honey Sarhan to present theatrical and cinematic works in Egypt and the Arab world. The script for “Amber 6” was written by playwrights Samar Tahar, Irene Youssef, Hind Abdullah, Mai Saeed, and a theatrical treatment by Honey Sarhan and Dova Abdel Wahab. The story factory is currently working on two series, one Saudi and the other Egyptian, to be announced soon.