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Amina Khalil co-stars with Muhammad Imam in “Them, My Lady”.


Announced Amina KhalilShe has agreed to play the female lead in front of artist Mohammed Adel Imam, whose new film “Amman” is scheduled to be shot in the coming days.

Amina Khalil – Photo from her Instagram account

The film was directed by Hussein al-Manbawi and co-starred with Saeed Rahab, and many more heroes have been nominated, and the production company has announced that it will use a team from European countries to design action scenes. .

Muhammad Imam
Muhammad Imam – Photo from his Facebook account

The film is the second collaboration between star Yasmin Royce and Ahmed Al-Awadi in Amina Khalil and Mohammed Imam’s “The Thief of Baghdad”. The Arab world on behalf of Sultana Hiyam.

Amina Khalil has previously confirmed that she wants to present works of art that satisfy her audience and appreciate her audience, noting that she is very satisfied with the success she has achieved, but she expects the best and hopes to achieve the best.

Amina Khalil received a copy of “Madame Net” in a press release, and she is still reading a new series of 10 episodes, which is shown on one of the electronic sites, without mentioning her final position on it. .

She expressed her delight after reactions to her experience in the series “Kala Balak e GC”, which sheds light on hyperactivity and inattention patients, indicating that GC’s character is one of the most difficult characters she has ever been given in her life due to the nature of the complexity and suffering from overactivity. The movement is easy to handle, especially GC’s thinking and things.

He pointed out that he is always looking for new stories to present to the audience because he has already presented a new story in the “Keep Mind from GC” experience, explaining that he is always looking for good and famous characters. Cinema or television, and rushes to deliver them without hesitation.

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Last Ramadan season saw the release of the series “Kali Balak Min Gizi” and co-authored a workshop with Mohammad Mamtoo, Ali Qasim, Safa Al-Duki, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Noah Abdin, Asma Jalal and Baomi Food. Supervised by Mariam Navmin, screenplay and dialogue by Mona El-Shimi and Maggie Amin, directed by Karim El-Shennavi.

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