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Marvel Avengers Summer Haven in Disneyland Paris


June 21 2022 17:36

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
“Marvel Avengers” in “Disneyland Paris” offers the best destinations in the world destination for Middle Eastern lovers, making it the most suitable refuge for them in summer.
The new adventure destination is scheduled to open its doors to Marvel fans on July 20, 2022, and is only 6 hours by air, and promises to deliver the fastest experience to visitors from the Middle East. Live “Mitest Heroes” and their heroic story. The Marvel Avengers world has been completely redesigned and Disneyland is dedicated to finding and training the next generation of heroes in Paris. Everyone is invited to join the group of Avengers heroes and their allies around the world, where everyone will have the opportunity to weave spiders like “Spider-Man” and fly into space with “Iron Man” and “Captain Marvel”, Dawn Super Suits. And increase power as our superheroes do.

The world of “Avengers”
Tony Stark created the Avengers world to discover and train the new generation of superheroes. For the first time, those who want to join the Avengers team will have the opportunity to enjoy live-action adventures with their favorite heroes.
To fulfill that promise, Walt Disney Imagining groups in Paris and around the world collaborated closely with groups producing Avengers movies, television series, and comics. Together, these teams have designed and created a new space in many of Marvel’s universes, which fosters the sense of superhero we feel inside. In fact, viewers, whether they are Marvel fans or first-timers in the superhero universe, will be ready to follow the superhero’s path in their own heroic journey. There you can help Spider-Man in his mission, where you can weave spider webs, save the universe with Iron Man and Captain Marvel at astounding speeds, train with Okoi and Dora mileage, or watch Black Widow. Encounter evil spirits or dance. With the defenders of the galaxy.
During their own adventures, those who want to join the team of “superheroes” can do so by wearing their favorite superhero costumes found in the exclusive shopping experience and giving them the energy they need just like the heroes. By eating delicious food and desserts at restaurants like BYM and “Stark Factory”.

Exciting adventures
Fans of the “Marvel Avengers” world will have the opportunity to meet “Spider-Man” and “Iron Man” or “Captain Marvel” in the new building exclusively dedicated to “Marvel World” at the Disneyland Paris training center. . The new destination offers all superhero fans the opportunity to realize the dream of thrill seekers with a high-speed roller coaster game and a strong flying feel, in which fun seekers will tackle “Captain Marvel” and “Iron Man”. ”
The ability to weave spider webs like the famous “Spiderman” is for all ages. To achieve this, a state-of-the-art technology has been devised, and its application is limited to this particular area. As for the mission, “Marvel Avengers” must collaborate with “Spider” to capture the robot “Spider Bots”, the girlfriend of Peter Parker, who went out of control before wreaking havoc on the world.

Power up with superheroes
BYM Kitchen is an innovative science lab offering food and beverages inspired by the lives of superheroes. Stark Factory, a fast food restaurant, offers visitors the opportunity to see chefs prepare food, as well as a series of hidden “Easter eggs” in memory of fans, including cutting out special shapes made by Tony Stark and superhero Hulk Buster. It is located exclusively on the Disneyland Paris campus. The “Web” restaurant’s food truck will be overseen by the restaurant’s creators, serving a variety of Asian-style noodles and coconut balls.
The Kit Shop is the perfect place to get a wide range of gear, including products from the Avengers World Champions and the global engineering team WEP. The technical components of WEP will enhance the audience experience.

Outdoor spaces
From sunrise to sunset, visiting the Disneyland Paris Gaming Campus is an unparalleled experience for guests staying at the Disney New York – The Art of Marvel Hotel, where guests experience a new standard of hotel accommodation, telling the story of someone on every corner. Heroes from “Marvel Avengers” World Opening Ceremony at “Disneyland Paris” meet “Captain America” ​​and “Black Widow” Heroes including “Superhero Corner”, plus “Heroes Training Area” »Outdoor venues dedicated to various sporting activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. Disney New York – The Art of Marvel is a stylish haven that brings you straight to the comfort and excitement of Manhattan. A 10-minute walk from the park is the place where Disney New York – The Art of Marvel superheroes relax and enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle.
“Marvel Avengers” opened the world as part of the 30th anniversary of the founding of “Disneyland Paris”, and this world is a new milestone, offering a full range of unique experiences never seen before in Europe. The history of the sports complex is part of the transformation that has taken place over the years at Walt Disney Studios Park.

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