June 2, 2023

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An American woman donates her husband's body for "scientific purposes" and uses it for entertainment!

An American woman donates her husband’s body for “scientific purposes” and uses it for entertainment!

A woman in the US state of Oregon was surprised to find that her husband’s body, which had been suggested for donation for the development of medical science, was dismembered in front of an audience that paid to see the process in real life.

According to The Advocate, after a Louisiana veteran died of the corona virus last August, his widow sought to fulfill his wish by donating his body to the development of medical science, which is linked to his permanent problem. Trend of patriotism and service, but in the presence of spectators at a ballroom in the Marriott in Portland, she was “shocked and frightened to learn that her husband had disappeared and had already been cut off in the presence of spectators who had paid up to $ 500 each. Tickets for the autopsy event,” at the so-called “Oddities and Curiosities” exhibition. ” The Odds and Curiosities “exhibition is said to be traveling across the country, with the aim of attracting foreign enthusiasts with products including Taxidermy. Protected models, horror-inspired artwork and scary costumes.

David Sanders, 98, died of a corona virus at Zachary Hospital on Aug. 24, and lived with his wife, Elsie Sanders, in Baker after leaving the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina.

The wife told The Advocate that she had tried to donate her body to LSU, but the university refused to donate because her husband’s body had been tested positive for the corona virus.

When King TV in Seattle first reported the autopsy on October 17, the best clients sat inches from the autopsy table and the anatomist spent hours carving and removing various organs.

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Wife Elsie Sanders said she learned about public anatomy when a reporter from King TV called her last Tuesday, explaining that she had been receiving constant calls from the media and family since the report aired.

And, “As far as I’m concerned, this is horrible and immoral. I have no words to describe it … I have all these documents that apply to his physical science. Nothing about this business. Exploitation of his death.”

According to King TV, tickets for the show can cost up to $ 500 per person, as the “show” ran from 9am to 4pm with a lunch break, and organizers said participants could watch the deceased’s forensic autopsy and autopsy. Complete humanity.

An explanation of what happened online is as follows: “From examining the external body to removing vital organs, including the brain, we discover new perspectives on how the human body can tell a story. There are many opportunities to gain. Look at the body closely and privately. “

She thought her husband had been planning for a long time to donate her body to science, but because LSU refused to take the body, she contacted a private company called Med Ed Labs, based in Las Vegas, which had similar goals to a research firm. Like LSU.

When contacted for comment, Med et Labs officials said they only handled the ticket for the autopsy and were not involved in organizing the event, shifting responsibility to another company called Death Science.

As the show officials explained in the email, “Med et Labs has worked with the host and a lab. This is not an entertainment show, this is an educational event.”

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Jeremy Celeberto, founder of Death Science, Med Ed – the body donor and anatomist who taught the class – said in an email that participants were well aware that the body would be used in an event that was not “exclusively medical students”. . In this case, he pointed out, the body was donated “for research, medical and educational purposes.”

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