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An extraterrestrial creature visited us in 2017


In October 2017, astronomers observed an object moving so fast that it could only have come from another star, the first record of a galaxy’s penetration.

It does not seem to be an ordinary rock because after it orbits the sun it is propelled by a mysterious force and accelerated and deflected from the expected course.

This can be easily explained by the fact that a comet emits gas and debris, but there is no evidence for this “gaseous” process.

The traveler landed in a strange way, in the scientists’ telescope it was bright and dim, and it glowed unusually brightly indicating that it was made of polished metal.

To explain what happened, astronomers had to come up with new theories, which were made of hydrogen ice so that there would be no visible traces, or it would have dissolved into a cloud of dust.

Thus begins a new book by a leading astronomer who argues that the simplest and best explanation for the extraordinary properties of a galaxy that passed through our solar system in 2017 is technology designed by an alien.

Does this seem strange? Says scientist Avie Lope, “Evidence proves otherwise, and he firmly believes that his colleagues in the scientific community are immersed in group thinking, they are not ready to resort to Ockham’s knife).”

Lope, a longtime head of astronomy at Harvard University, has published hundreds of new documents and collaborated with adults such as the late Stephen Hawking, which is hard to dismiss.

The scientist believes that “the idea that we are unique and special is arrogant.”

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“The right attitude is to be humble,‘ we are not special, there are a lot of other cultures, we need to find them, ’” he said. “These ideas that always come up to illustrate Omumuwa’s characteristics do not include something we have never seen before,” Lope said.

“If the direction we took is, why shouldn’t we think it’s artificial?”

His whereabouts were not photographed as his whereabouts were discovered shortly after Omumuwa left his solar system.

There are two patterns that can be matched with the distinctive features found. Long and thin like a cigar, or flat and round and like pancakes.

But Lope points out that the simulations lean towards the second option, and he believes that this material was deliberately made in the form of a sail driven by stellar radiation.

The way the object moved was also amazing, which made its passage even weirder.

Before it collided with our sun, Omumamuwa was “asleep” compared to the neighboring stars, which is a rarity. Rather than thinking of it as a ship in space, from the point of view of its shape, our solar system struck it. But Lobin’s ideas conflict with his colleagues.

Astronomer Ethan Siegel described him as a “once respected scientist” in Forbes magazine, but he failed to convince his colleagues of his arguments, so he tried to convince the public. Just as Galileo was convicted that the earth is not the center of the universe, Loeb opposes the academy’s “bullying culture” of punishing people who question tradition.

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