June 4, 2023

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Anushka returns to the song: I'm back soon, the albums are over because the world has changed

Anushka returns to the song: I’m back soon, the albums are over because the world has changed

Anushka’s star continues, during this period, new arrangements for many songs, her artistic activity in the past years was limited to acting, and her desire to be in the drama season of Ramadan every year and presenting a TV show titled “Anushka Salon” in which she hosted numerous singing and acting stars , Showed on the screen of the DMC.

Regarding her absence, star Anushka said in her statement to the “seventh day”: I will not stay away from the song until I come back. My guests, and the show received praise from many audiences and good follow-up.

Anushka added: “The idea of ​​producing new songs for me, especially as I’m going to shoot a lot of acting work, and the fact that Corona has been in high motion for the last two years, but has been stopped around the world by Corona, but this is the show co-host of” Anushka Salon ” Singing duets with staff didn’t stop me from delivering a lot of songs every week.

He added: I do not deny that acting took me a lot of songs because I also have 16 hours of shooting a day, and I can not take pictures because singing is not easy, requires good breath, time and attention, but as I told you, Anushka salon plan It compensated me so much because Anushka’s salon sings to me for a week and sings duets with guests. I was very happy with the show and the reactions were beautiful.

And about the idea of ​​releasing a new album for him, Anushka said: “The idea of ​​albums is over, the pattern has changed completely. Songs are released every 3 or 4 months, for example, the market is completely different and even the melody is different, and you can select the songs you like and put them in the flash you hear.” No full album required.

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Commenting on her return with a new songwriting, Anushka said: “We have ideas and preparations, God willing, we will return with a concert. I liked it, we agreed that he would make a song, he’s really a very clean man, we worked with some people. ” It is true that you feel that the father encouraged you.