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An Israeli military official has not denied responsibility for the killing of Shireen Abu Agle and the occupying army is investigating one of its soldiers. political news


The US Wall Street Journal quoted an Israeli military official as saying that the bullet that killed al-Jazeera correspondent Shirin Abu Agle could not be denied by the Israeli military, while The Washington Post reported that the occupation was being investigated by the occupying forces. Shreen was one of its members who killed Abu Agle.

The army has identified the shooting that took place on Wednesday by the Israeli side on Wednesday and added that it is believed to be the cause of Abu Akila’s death.

The Israeli official said it was difficult to determine who was responsible for the killing of Abu Aquila.

He also confirmed that the Israeli soldiers had clear vision, but said the bullet may have hit the ground or wall, and then hit Shirin.

Investigation with an Israeli soldier

The Washington Post, for its part, quoted an Israeli military official as saying that the army was investigating three incidents in which Abu Akila was shot dead by his own soldiers.

The American newspaper quoted an Israeli official as saying that the occupation forces were investigating the killing of one of its members, Shireen Abu Agle.

In turn, the Israeli “Wala” website confirmed that the occupying forces did not at this point deny that al-Jazeera correspondent Shirin Abu Agle was mistakenly targeted and killed by its forces.

In a recent field testimony regarding the assassination of Abu Agle, the French news agency reported that its photographer in Jenin had told al-Jazeera correspondent Shirin that he had not seen Palestinian militants near the site of Abu Agle’s martyrdom.

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He said his photographer had confirmed that the shooting was carried out by the Israeli army and that he had seen the body of our colleague Shirin, who was wearing a helmet, and a bulletproof vest that read “Press.”

The testimony of the Agence France-Presse photographer has been combined with the testimonies of other journalists and photographers who have denied the Israeli story, which initially sought to escape responsibility for killing Abu Aquila and blamed Palestinian gunmen.

Israeli band “Dowdowan”

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, late Wednesday evening, revealed details of the Israeli military’s investigation, which did not rule out the involvement of members of the secret service in the occupying army (Dowdowan). -Jazeera Reporter Shirin Abu Agle.

The Israeli newspaper reports that a preliminary test by the Israeli army confirmed that members of the “Dovdovan” unit of the Israeli army had fired bullets into the northern part of the Zenin camp where Shirin Abu Akle and the press were.

Al-Jazeera’s investigation revealed that Al-Jazeera correspondent Shirin Abu Akle was in the cross chairs of the occupying forces, analyzing data from the scene of the massacre.

The geographical location of the clip showing the firing by Palestinian militants indicates that they are about 260 meters from the site of Shirin Abu Agle, and the two locations are separated by residential buildings of different heights, which excludes the presence. Clear shooting range between two locations.

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