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Dubai Airport handled 13.6 million passengers in the first quarter


Dubai (Al-Ittihad) – Dubai International Airport has recorded a record number of passengers since 2020, with about 13.6 million passengers in the first quarter of this year, the second consecutive year of high passenger traffic. The airport’s passenger traffic was 10 million passengers in the quarter that crossed the barrier.

Statistics and figures
The increase in passenger arrivals via Dubai International Airport in March this year was contributed by about 5.5 million passengers, raising the total number of passengers in the first quarter to 13.6 million, a record increase of 15.7% compared to 11.8 million passengers. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of passengers was 138.5% compared to 5.7 million in the first quarter of last year.
Dubai International Airport is connected to more than 193 global destinations in 92 countries by 73 international airlines.
Shipping services
Cargo services at Dubai International Airport handled 519,555 tonnes of cargo in the first three months of this year, down 15.5% from the last quarter of 2021, recording about 614,834 tonnes.

The total number of flights in the first quarter increased by 5.8% to 81.97 thousand compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, when 77,475 aircraft were booked through Dubai International Airport.
Best Travel Destinations
India holds the number one position for Dubai International Airport in terms of number of passengers, with a total of 1.6 million passengers, Saudi Arabia with about 1.1 million passengers, followed by Pakistan with 997,000 passengers, and the UK with 934,000 passengers. Of the top three cities, London topped the list with 617,000 passengers, followed by Riyadh with 517,000, followed by Jeddah with 337,000 and Istanbul with 324,000.
Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airport, said: “The strong performance of Dubai International Airport in the past is a major milestone in its history and a significant milestone, reflecting Dubai’s effective strategy and its tireless efforts to restore air traffic. Restoring inter-communications routes, as well as its global leadership in setting the global aviation industry as a model for emerging from an unprecedented global crisis. Despite the continued recovery of passenger traffic driven by a number of factors that led to the outbreak of pre-epidemic rates, the return of travel through the opening of several key markets contributed significantly to the recovery in passenger traffic, with an estimated 60% increase. Indicators for 2019. “
Griffiths expects annual passenger traffic to reach 58.3 million passengers in the current year in light of the strongest performance indicators so far.

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