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In an easy way .. Find out if the phone is spying on you with the camera and the microphone


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Android users have been warned that apps on their mobile phones can be spied on by accessing the camera or microphone of certain apps.

But there is a function recently added to phones by developers at Google that alerts users when apps access your data.

The Android device will let users know which apps can access their camera or microphone by displaying the camera or microphone icon in the top right corner.

As for the sun, when the microphone or camera is turned on, an icon on the phone now notifies users because the new indicator appears in the form of an icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

When an app tries to access your camera or microphone, you will see an icon for both, which prevents the app from listening to what you are saying or looking at you with your camera.

For a sense of security, users can check the history of applications that have used the camera, microphone, or location, and then check when these functions have been enabled.

This information is contained in the new Privacy Dashboard in Settings, and you can disable the microphone and camera from Quick Settings.

While it’s important to remember that just because you see an icon doesn’t mean something is wrong, Instagram, for example, is one of the apps that your camera needs.

However, if you detect an unusual processor using the camera, it may indicate that you are being monitored because Internet experts say that many applications that misuse the camera have been detected on Android phones.

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As a result, make sure you are using Android 12 and are looking for anything suspicious, and if you find anything wrong, check the app’s permissions in the settings.


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