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Noor Muhanna sang at the Carthage Festival for “Jawhar Wafi”.


Noor Muhanna sang at the Carthage Festival for “Jawhar Wafi”.

Saturday – 24th Al-Hijjah 1443 Hijri – 23rd July 2022 AD Issue no. [

From Evening by Syrian artist Noor Muhanna (Asharq al-Awsad).

Tunisia: Mongi Saidani

The International Carthage Festival opened its archeological theater on the sixth evening of the 56th session of the Syrian artist Noor Muhanna, who was at the top of many international festivals in Tunisia.
His Tarab evening, scheduled for Thursday night, met with a quality audience as he was able to deliver a beautiful and exceptional artistic concert as a result of the interaction chemistry with the audience, which sets him apart from other singers and artists. He etched his presence in the audience’s mind with his musical color, and melodies and alleles.
Noor Muhanna, who tried more than once to connect and engage with the current audience, sang many well-known and preserved songs by the Tunisian people, including “Send Me an Answer”, “Ya Mal Al-Sham”, “Shadi. Alahan”, “Raq al- Zaman” and “Ya Vahshni” and ‘The Sleepwalker of Lovers’.
Despite the absence of new artistic tunes, he made the evening a beautiful ecstasy that crossed the two-hour mark, proving to present-day audiences that he would keep his ears glued to the 1800s. A night led by true rapture, loving sadness and shadowy music.
Muhanna al-Qudood sang the songs of Aleppo, Mawwal and Tarab without interruption, she won over the current audience with two Tunisian songs: “The fire made me kwatni kwadek” by the late Tunisian artist Kamis Dernan and “Yama ya kaliya”, which belongs to the Tunisian musical tradition, and they are in Tunisia. Two well-known songs.
Living in Tunisia for many years, Nour Muhanna is very popular among Tunisians for the sweetness of her voice, the precision of her artistic choices and her failure to fall into the wave of commercial art. critics. It is closely related to the tradition of an important number of Arab artists loved by the Tunisian public, known for the same tarab trend, such as Saba Fakhri, Melhem Barakat and the late Mohamed Abdel Muttalib.
Many followers of this Tarab mala believe that Nur Muhanna, with his strong trumpet voice, brought back the grandeur and unique elegance of this archeological building to the Roman theater in Carthage. And until recently, it was difficult for any artist to conquer the theater of Carthage before he built a distinguished artistic reputation by making great efforts to reach the center of this festival.
In the 56th session of the festival, among the other most important events planned, we mention the evening of “Jazz” by the French artist and the play “We Die to You” by the Tunisian actor Lamin Nahdi, a concert. Lebanese artist Rakeb Alama, Jackson Brothers concert from America and Tunisian artist Saber Al-Roubai complete the session with Egyptian artist Sherin Abdel Wahab.
It is noteworthy that the organizing committee, under the artistic direction of Kamal Ferjani, has prepared 33 programs in the 56th session, considering it as the “success cycle of the Tunisian artist” after conducting 15 Tunisian programs, 10 Arabic programs, and 8 programs. Programs from different countries of the world.





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