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Android 13 is running on 15% of smartphones and Android 11 is even more used.


iOS 16 may be available on 81% of iPhones. Android 13 is present in a very small percentage of Android phones.

The company said Google Android 13 is installed on about 15% of active smartphones worldwide.

This means that Android 11 launched in 2020 is still the most used and popular operating system on smartphones.

Recent data indicates that Android 13 has seen significant growth as its user base has increased from 12.1% in April to 14.7% in June.

Meanwhile, both Android 11 and 12 have slowed down quite a bit. However, with 23.1% of the world’s smartphones installed, Android 11 retained the top spot in market share.

There is also the development of one of the older versions of Android 8 or Oreo that Google introduced in 2017. However it has decreased from 9.5% to 6.7%. However, it rebounded to 8.3%, and there is no explanation for this upward shift.

In terms of Google’s operating system rankings, Android 11 tops the list, followed by Android 10 (released in 2019) with a 17.8% share, and then Android 12 (2021) with a 16.3% share. In fourth place is Google’s latest operating system, Android 13, with 14.7% market share.

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Also, Android 9V is in fifth place with 11.9%. Then Oreo with 8.3%, followed by Android 7 and 6, with 3% and 2.3% shares respectively.

Some older phones still use Android Lollipop at 5%, and even Android KitKat has a share, but it’s much smaller, at 1.8%.

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Finally, Google is currently working on Android 14. The third beta version is expected to be released this month, and the new operating system will be introduced to users in August 2023 this year.

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