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Android 14 Beta 4: Sharing and Viewing Made Easy!


In case you didn’t know, Google is currently testing Android 14 and is offering beta versions to developers to test all the features. Among all the features, the new Android beta has brought some significant changes to the stock sheet. Yes, this is the menu you see when you press the Share button from a media or file.

This new share sheet makes it easy to share from one device to another device or application. Additionally, the latest Android 14 beta comes with an improved user-friendly widget. In the trial version, this tool provides quick and easy access to all the important information you want to update.

More details on the new Share Sheet in Android 14 beta

So, with Android 14 beta 3 and the latest beta 4, Google has fine-tuned the sharing functionality. If you’re using Android 13, you’ll see four options when you tap Share an item. But in Android 14 beta 3, Google introduced a fifth option.

This additional sharing option gives you more flexibility when sharing something from your device. Additionally, Google has improved Share Sheet in Android 14 beta 4. Now it tells us what action the operating system will perform for each partition option. This will eliminate any confusion you may have when sharing an item.

To be clear, if you’re going to copy and share a URL from the web, Android 14 Beta 4 will notify you that you’re about to share a link and show a preview of the link. While these improvements may seem small, they definitely make sharing things easier, faster, and most importantly, more convenient.

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About the new widget at a glance

Google Pixel owners are already enjoying something called Glance. This is a Pixel exclusive feature. For those wondering, this is a lock screen ad widget that provides quick access to various information. This includes information about package deliveries, local weather, upcoming events, bells and other vital metrics.

In Android 13, the At a Glance homepage offers swipeable pages only when an alert is pending in Stock. This prevents users from scrolling pages when the widget has more than one alert. But in Android 14, you can have swipeable cards in the At a Glance widget that works even when you have more than one alert.

Thanks to this, you don’t have to unlock your phone to go to pending alerts that need to be checked. So, it goes without saying that this Android 14 feature will make your experience on the Pixel even better.

As this feature works very smoothly in Android 14 beta, Google will add it in the final version. To be precise, it will be more accurate in the final version.

How to get Android 14 Beta 4

The swipe-at-a-glance feature is only available on Android 14 beta 4. That means you won’t find it on Beta 3 or the latest version of Android, Android 13. If you’re wondering how to install Beta 4, here’s what you need to know. The latest Android betas are only available for Pixel devices.

But if you have a Google Pixel device, go for it Android Beta for Pixel Page Check if your device is supported. If so, enroll your device in the Android 14 program. After that, follow the instructions on the page and you should be good to go. On that note, make sure your phone has more than 10% charge. You don’t want the phone to die during installation.

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