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Android 14 Beta 4: Sharing and Viewing Made Easy!



Android 14 Beta 4: Sharing and Viewing Made Easy!

In case you didn’t know, Google is currently testing Android 14 and is offering beta versions to developers to test all the features. Among all the features, the new Android beta has brought some significant changes to the stock sheet. Yes, this is the menu you see when you press the Share button from a media or file.

This new share sheet makes it easy to share from one device to another device or application. Additionally, the latest Android 14 beta comes with an improved user-friendly widget. In the trial version, this tool provides quick and easy access to all the important information you want to update.

More details on the new Share Sheet in Android 14 beta

So, with Android 14 beta 3 and the latest beta 4, Google has fine-tuned the sharing functionality. If you’re using Android 13, you’ll see four options when you tap Share an item. But in Android 14 beta 3, Google introduced a fifth option.

This additional sharing option gives you more flexibility when sharing something from your device. Additionally, Google has improved Share Sheet in Android 14 beta 4. Now it tells us what action the operating system will perform for each partition option. This will eliminate any confusion you may have when sharing an item.

To be clear, if you’re going to copy and share a URL from the web, Android 14 Beta 4 will notify you that you’re about to share a link and show a preview of the link. While these improvements may seem small, they definitely make sharing things easier, faster, and most importantly, more convenient.

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About the new widget at a glance

Google Pixel owners are already enjoying something called Glance. This is a Pixel exclusive feature. For those wondering, this is a lock screen ad widget that provides quick access to various information. This includes information about package deliveries, local weather, upcoming events, bells and other vital metrics.

In Android 13, the At a Glance homepage offers swipeable pages only when an alert is pending in Stock. This prevents users from scrolling pages when the widget has more than one alert. But in Android 14, you can have swipeable cards in the At a Glance widget that works even when you have more than one alert.

Thanks to this, you don’t have to unlock your phone to go to pending alerts that need to be checked. So, it goes without saying that this Android 14 feature will make your experience on the Pixel even better.

As this feature works very smoothly in Android 14 beta, Google will add it in the final version. To be precise, it will be more accurate in the final version.

How to get Android 14 Beta 4

The swipe-at-a-glance feature is only available on Android 14 beta 4. That means you won’t find it on Beta 3 or the latest version of Android, Android 13. If you’re wondering how to install Beta 4, here’s what you need to know. The latest Android betas are only available for Pixel devices.

But if you have a Google Pixel device, go for it Android Beta for Pixel Page Check if your device is supported. If so, enroll your device in the Android 14 program. After that, follow the instructions on the page and you should be good to go. On that note, make sure your phone has more than 10% charge. You don’t want the phone to die during installation.

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Important and exciting features and many surprises in iOS 17 update



Important and exciting features and many surprises in iOS 17 update

The hashtag iOS 17 is trending on social media platform “X” and many other websites, iPhone fans are waiting for the new operating system, after Apple announced its launch. As Apple offers users more features with every update be it looks, designs or experiences, specialized websites have reported many amazing features of this update.

iOS 17 brings new features to improve what Apple does every day, so you can express yourself like never before when you call or message someone.

Most Important Features of iOS 17 Update:
During its recent annual conference, Apple explained that the iOS 17 update will bring many important and exciting features to users of all its devices, and the most important of these features include:

– The iOS 17 update lets you personalize your phone calls, customize what people see when they call, and share content in new and convenient ways.

As for Messages, all your iMessage apps are in one place. If you press the new plus button, all the things you send often will be displayed – like photos, voice messages and your location.

One of the most important features is that you will be notified when you arrive safely, as the check-in app will automatically notify your friend or family member when you reach your destination, such as your home.

The iOS 17 update will also let you jump to the first message you don’t see in a conversation, and you can swipe right on any message to send a reply.

– As for search filters, you can quickly find the searched message by combining search filters to quickly narrow down the search.

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The iOS 17 update also includes a number of big improvements like contact stickers for phone calls, improvements to AirDrop, and a full-screen standby experience while your iPhone is charging.

The update will offer live voicemail scanning, and a new Name Drop feature will allow iPhone users to exchange contact information by trying each other’s phones.

iOS 17 brings improvements and new features to autocorrect and predictive text.

iOS 17 will let FaceTime users send video messages to people they call but don’t answer.

– To meet the needs of people with cognitive disabilities, there will be an assistive accessibility feature that focuses on key features in apps and experiences.

– The Personal Voice feature allows people with aphasia to set up a voice that sounds like their own and use it with the Live Talk feature to communicate in calls and chats.

– Point and Speak feature allows visually impaired people to interact with physical objects with text labels.

As for the reminder service, the grocery lists feature automatically categorizes items and organizes them into different categories to make the shopping process easier. The list will save your preferences when you change the way you order.

– People Photo Album now better recognizes your favorite people and your family’s favorite cats and dogs.

Some components are delayed in the new update
According to Apple, the iOS 17 update will not include all the features released, as some key components such as the Journal app will be delayed to later versions.

Journal application
Journal is a new app that allows iPhone users to capture their daily experiences and memories in a detailed manner.

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The app will allow users to add text, photos, music and audio recordings to their journal entries, and the app will also offer personalized recommendations based on the user’s recent activity on the device.

Steps to Update iOS 17
– First, back up all your important files to avoid any mistake, so back up your precious photos, videos and other files before setting them up to iCloud or any other storage service.

– Phone must be charged before updating.

-You should have some free space to download the update which is usually around 10GB.

– Connect to Wi-Fi network before starting iOS 17 updates.

How to download iOS 17?
– First you need to go to Settings and then click on General.

– Then you need to click on software update and select new beta update item under automatic updates.

– The ability to install “iOS 17 Public Beta” will appear on the screen.

– Click Install to start the download.

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iPhone 15 has a new and improved charging system. How you can benefit from it



iPhone 15 has a new and improved charging system.  How you can benefit from it

Written by Sama Labib

Saturday, September 23, 2023 12:00 AM

She got up Apple Describing how the new 80% charge limit setting for the iPhone 15 works in the update via its support page, Apple said this is what you can expect if you enable the setting:

If you choose the 80% limit, your iPhone will charge up to about 80% and stop charging. If the battery charge level drops to 75%, theverge reports that charging will continue until the battery charge level reaches around 80% again. .

With the 80% limit enabled, your iPhone will occasionally charge up to 100% to accurately gauge the battery’s charge level, and this new option joins the optimized battery charging system that’s been around on Apple devices for a few years.

This setting keeps the battery at 80% before it reaches its maximum capacity before you think you need to use the phone based on your usage patterns.

The new 80% limit will help prevent the unexpected drop in battery capacity reported by many iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices recently, and allows iPhone 15 series users to know the number of charging cycles for the battery.

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Apple has officially acknowledged the iPhone 15 Pro issue and is offering a fix



Apple has officially acknowledged the iPhone 15 Pro issue and is offering a fix

Apple has officially acknowledged the problem with the use of a titanium frame in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, which was done for the first time this year instead of a stainless steel frame like previous generations.

A few days ago Apple officially announced the launch of the iPhone 15, and as requests started pouring in to smartphone reviewers on the Internet, some of them reported noticing a change in the color of the titanium frame on the Pro and Pro Max models. , affected by fingerprints.

In a support document for iPhone 15 phones that Apple updated on Thursday, the company acknowledged that the new titanium frame on the Pro and Pro Max models is affected by fingerprints, and indicated that the fingerprints may “temporarily discolor.” of the Act.

But, thankfully, the company confirms that this is not a permanent case, as fingerprints can be erased like other iPhones to restore a clean finish.

Oils in human skin can discolor the titanium frame around the Pro and Pro Max phones, and wiping your device with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth will restore the original appearance.

It’s worth noting that this only applies to the Pro and Pro Max models of the phone, as those are the two phones that come with the new titanium frame, while the regular and Plus models continue to use a stainless steel frame.

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It’s worth noting that some photos of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max phones with visible fingerprints on the titanium frame have gone viral on social media, but those waiting for the phone should not worry about permanent damage. , but it is now registered. Officially from Apple.

Pre-orders for the new phones are scheduled to start shipping today, Friday, and after-testing reviews will spread widely over the next few days, showing the quality of the new phones and the materials used in their manufacture.

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