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“Enlightenment of Spiritual Music” celebrates Emirati folklore


A series of Emirati traditional performances by groups from the Sharjah Heritage Institute will take visitors to the Tanweer Spiritual Music Festival, which will take place from November 24 to 26 in the desert of Mleiha area in Sharjah. The event embodies the spirit of true Emirati identity, and embodies the aesthetics and traditions of the celebration of their ancestors and their joy in the desert, coastal and mountainous environments that characterize the country’s regions and emirates.

The festival will witness popular performances and many Emirati arts on the first day, including the art of “Creatures”, presented by the first Emiratis in the form of collective performance paintings that tell their stories with the sea, and which rely on the strength of the sea. A collection of throaty and authentic Nabati poetry, and the art of “Maalid”, in which the celebrants of the Prophet’s birthday are presented. In it the art of singing is mixed with poetry and praise, and the art of “Vailiya” is also known as the art of Masbah, which is considered one of the most important arts on the east coast of the Emirates. The song is based on a group of seven-part popular poems. All three rhyme and the orchestra performs them on popular instruments to the beat of a well-known drum group.

Emirati traditional events, performances and folk dances will continue throughout the festival days in the market squares, with groups of men and women displaying samples of folk crafts and local traditional cuisine.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Musallam, Chairman of Sharjah Institute for Heritage, said: “This festival has a big, deep and extended message to commemorate our popular and Arab heritage, because music is the most important art. It reflects the essence of cultures, their values ​​and originality, and the diversity Embracing their identity through aesthetic templates that are relatable, understandable and recognizable to people across cultures. The spirit of authentic Emirati culture and its roots to festival attendees from all civilizations and countries of the world.”

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The festival celebrates Emirati folk arts, cements its message of promoting awareness of the values ​​and aesthetics carried by authentic cultures, and demonstrates the importance of roots in achieving psychological peace, physical health and spiritual peace.

The first Emiratis presented “people” art in the form of collective exhibition paintings that told their stories with the sea.

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