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Announces 12 tips for “health” to prevent corona in malls and meetings


The Ministry of Health and Population has released 12 tips to prevent corona Corona virus infection In malls and meetings, the advice came as follows:

1- You have to wear a mask

2- Use disinfectants

3- Make sure to have physical space with people

4- Do not touch your eyes and mouth while shopping

5- Avoid greeting with hands and hugs

6- Stay away from crowded places

7- Use an ATM card

8- Disinfect before using the toilet

9- Do not try cosmetics

10- Do not bring children or the elderly

11- Do not wipe surfaces while you are in the mall

12- Use plastic containers.

Egyptian Drug Commission begins study of 3 million doses … Pfizer vaccine To ensure its safety and effectiveness, it arrived in Cairo this morning, and was manufactured by Pfizer, provided by the US government through the “Cofox” mechanism in collaboration with the International Coalition for Vaccines and Vaccines. Poet ”.

It is part of the state’s plan to diversify and expand the provision of coronavirus vaccines to protect the state’s success in combating the epidemic.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Hosam Abdel Kafar, explained that the “Pfizer” vaccine has an emergency application approval from the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Drugs Commission and consists of two doses divided into 21 days. The export of the vaccine is subject to the necessary analyzes and tests in the laboratories.

Abdel Kaffer stressed that Egypt was able to deliver all the corona virus vaccines approved by the World Health Organization in a short period of time. State Plan for Diversity.Expanding the provision of vaccines against corona virus.

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