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Apple’s most anticipated AR / VR specs will use the same MacBook Pro Power Adapter


Wednesday 12 January 2022 03:00 AM

Recent reports suggest that Apple plans to launch its first AR / VR headset this year, and the device will be one of the most talked about in the company’s products, and according to MacRumors, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Ci Guo has shared new details about the device.

In a research note, Guo shared details about the headphone’s power adapter. According to Quo, the headphones will use the same 96W power adapter used for the Apple 14-inch MacBook Pro. In addition, he confirmed that the device works. Equipped with two processors including 4 nm slice and 5 nm slice.

Apple does not seem to be releasing anything about its upcoming products, but rumors about the company’s AR / VR headset have been circulating for some time, and many leaks and rumors have revealed some details about the headset. .

Of note, it is believed that shipping of the product will not start until the quarter of 2023, indicating that only a limited number of headphones will be available to customers at the time of launch. The Shared Paper Distribution Chain (DSCC) last week proposed the same release schedule for the headset.

The report also revealed that the upcoming device will have three screen configurations. According to reports, the Apple headset will feature two micro OLED screens and an AMOLED panel. He added that the company could offer speaker performance compared to the M1 chipset used in its MacBook.

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Other rumors suggest that the device will have advanced sensors to detect the environment and gestures.

Source: Technology: Report: The AR / VR specs expected from Apple use the same power adapter as the MacBook Pro

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