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“Arab Art Exhibition”…between madness and hope



“Arab Art Exhibition”…between madness and hope

A place of colors created by the “Arab Art Exhibition” between November 2 and 5 in Beirut. In light of the bloody developments in the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon, away from the daily anxiety and fear of a war, he takes the city on a creative journey. The exhibition is a resting place for peaceful people who carry only feathers as weapons and aim only at the white board.

Farhad Farhad, the founder and director of the exhibition, does not deny that continuing this activity is like “crazy”, but he decided to raise the slogan “Don’t despair”, while the official slogan of this year’s exhibition is “Hope”. Lebanon and that life must go on.

The exhibition carries the slogan “Hope and life must go on in Lebanon” (Instagram).

“Art is common to all”

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsad, Farhad said that the “Arab Art Exhibition” in its third edition is not only painting, but also sculpture, photography, Arabic calligraphy, digital and installation art or assembly.

More than 35 exhibitors from Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Syria and Lebanon are participating. The exhibition is being held at the Coral Beach Hotel in Beirut. 7 artists from Gaza were unable to attend this elaborate art event. , but the war prevented them from attending.

Farahat expresses hope that the circle of participating artists will expand to include all Arab countries in the coming years. While waiting, the exhibition maintains its main cause, which is titled “Art for All”. The founder explains that the idea was launched in 2019 from the principle that “art is not limited to a certain social class, and is not limited to those who have the financial ability to acquire works of art.”

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More than 35 artists from many Arab countries are participating in the exhibition (Facebook)

From this standpoint, the “Arab Art Fair” opens its doors to all, young and old, without the usual entry fee of art fairs around the world. , people who don’t normally think that… buy a painting or a sculpture, that’s what does it. However, these thoughtful prices do not mean that the innovations are of poor quality.

In this context, Farahat explains, “there is a special committee that selects works approved to participate in the exhibition, all of which are new and have not been shown before.” He ensures that everything shown falls into the professional category, whether the artist’s name is well-known or from the rising generation. Knowing that the committee ensures that only deserving artists and those with exceptional talent are selected to exhibit their inventions.

There is no entry fee for the exhibition on the premise that art should be accessible to all (Facebook).

An academic and educational dimension

The second message conveyed by this exhibition is excellence in education. The exhibition bubbles open to school and university students. Being an educational foundation organization specializing in educational issues, exhibitions and forums since 2014, one of the primary goals is to bring art closer to students with the aim of educating them. Farhat points out that “invitations to visit school and university students are sent, not from a business perspective, but from an educational standpoint.”

In addition to paintings that differ between contemporary and classic and other art exhibitions, the Arab Art Exhibition includes a group of workshops and seminars attended by experts. As for the symposia of this edition of the exhibition, there are four. The first deals with the relationship between art and media, and “Where is the Arab media in terms of culture and the arts?” begs the question. Where they are assigned to cultural and artistic matters by the media organizations they work for, they discuss them.

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The second symposium focuses on the collection and acquisition of works of art (“art collecting”), and it attempts to discover the reasons behind this hobby, which often turns into a hobby. Symposium guests will also talk about their own experiences investing in the arts during financial crises.

Activities of the exhibition include 4 seminars covering various cultural and art files (Facebook)

The third seminar will discuss the close relationship between the arts and education and the role of the arts in developing students’ skills. The fourth symposium deals with the art of icons.

between tunnels and against the current

Since its launch in 2019, the “Arab Art Exhibition” has been going on between mines, surrounded by the Corona epidemic, then the economic collapse in Lebanon and the bombing of the port of Beirut, and now together with the current security tensions, to find itself, this time, against the tide. Exhibition curators say: “In this East, there are two ways: either surrender or conflict. At the Arab Art Fair, we decided to confront art, culture and creativity so that life goes on.

But who would think of buying works of art under such conditions? A clear question is posed to the organizers, and the answer comes from Farhat: “In times of crisis, investing in art is a very wise idea… Anyone who buys an art painting is like buying gold or an expensive carpet. According to studies, purchases increase during times of crisis. Farhad explains, “The Arab Art Fair offers a commission to the buyer, and guarantees that the work is original.”

Investment in art increases during financial crises, according to exhibition organizers (Facebook)

For independent exhibiting artists, the exhibition represents an opportunity for them to build relationships with gallery owners and art collectors, which opens up many opportunities for them.

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The director of the “Arab Art Fair” wants to see only the side of hope, and he says, “Despite the continuous crises in Lebanon, it still includes many active art houses, not to mention countless art lovers. This is enough to keep hope from ending.”

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Nabil Shuwail, Khaled Abdel Rahman and Tahoum Al-Talasi, Stars of a Gulf Night in Riyadh Season – Music Nation



Nabil Shuwail, Khaled Abdel Rahman and Tahoum Al-Talasi, Stars of a Gulf Night in Riyadh Season – Music Nation

Under the supervision and organization of General Entertainment Authority and Rotana Music, the audience of the fourth session of the Riyadh season at the “Mohammed Abdo Arena” theater presented by “The Spirit of Saudi Arabia” was on a date in the Gulf. A night that brought together the younger and older generations with star singers Nabil Shuwail, Khaled Abdel Rahman and Tahum Althalasi.

All three artists expressed their love and pride in Saudi Arabia’s great pioneering role in the arts, culture and fields as their segment began in meetings with the media and social media or in front of the audience. Entertainment Thanks to His Excellency Counselor Turki Abdel Mohsen Al Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority General Entertainment.

Nabil Shuwail said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become a symbol of joy and happiness, and despite all the situations we go through artistically and musically, we see that Saudi Arabia has opened the way to meet our audience. In a different way and has given us all the skills, this is due to the Turkish consultant “Baunasser”. .Al-Sheikh and the Entertainment Authority ensure that every year the Riyadh season is better than the previous one. I wish them every success.”

For his part, Khaled Abdel Rahman said: “The Riyadh season, whatever it may be, does not need any certification because it has been successful by all standards, and thanks to advisor Turki Al-Sheikh for his endless support and perseverance… In short, he has made a difference in everything he does. … May God give him health and health. Artist Tahum Al-Talasi shared his opinion: “It is enough for us to be proud that Bonasar did not forget anyone, and with his guidance, we young people found our opportunity in all occasions and parties.”

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Whatsapp Image 2023 12 03 21.17.07 94b9dd21

Behind the scenes, Rotana Music CEO Mr. Salem Al-Hindi met the three artists and took souvenir photos. His singing section.

Whatsapp Image 2023 12 03 21.17.07 daeaff1c

In their meeting with the media, Khaled Abdel Rahman revealed that they are soon releasing a mini album produced by Rotana, announcing that all the songs in the album will be songs by the same poet. He added: “I am grateful to my brother Salem Al-Hindi, who is always with us in the front. He is an honorable front and we are proud.” The same goes for Dahoum Al-Talasi, who announced the release of a mini-album with Rotana.

Whatsapp Image 2023 12 03 21.17.04 bf29e5f1

The audience in attendance enjoyed the traditional songs that graced the concert and heard new works presented for the first time on stage, where Nabil Shuwail presented songs from his latest album “Rayek” and felt personally huge. Audience chat with them.As usual, he flirted with Riyadh and presented his song “People of Riyadh” and invested in Fawz. Al Hilal Club recently blessed its fans with one of its songs. Attendees also felt closer as they left the festival satisfied with the dose of songs they heard and interacted with, ending with “Love the Kingdom” with Khaled Abdel Rahman’s “Mocha of the Night.” The amount of love and appreciation between the three stars of the event and the amount of praise they gave each other in front of the media reflected positively on the event.

IMG 20231203 WA0031IMG 20231203 WA0030IMG 20231203 WA0027IMG 20231203 WA0028IMG 20231203 WA0024IMG 20231203 WA0025Whatsapp Image 2023 12 03 21.17.04 bf29e5f1 1IMG 20231203 WA0021


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Red Sea Cinema “Your Story, Your Festival” |



Red Sea Cinema “Your Story, Your Festival” |

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)- The Red Sea Film Festival continues its activities in its third session, which has made the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia one of the main places to bring together the most important filmmakers and stars of the seventh art from different parts of the world.

This year, the festival celebrates cinema in Saudi Arabia with the slogan “Your Story, Your Festival” with the participation of Arab and international cinematographic works.

The third session, which will be held from November 30 to December 8, will showcase more than 64 films, including 36 feature and short films, 11 films in the “Arab Masterpieces” category and fiction, documentaries and 17 films from Saudi Arabia. Animation from all over Asia, Africa and the Arab world in one competition. Red Sea.

The festival will see the world premieres of “After Waiting for the Rain”, a children’s fairy tale set in Kenya, and “Goblin Marathi”, a classic Egyptian film restored with the latest technologies by the Red Sea Film Institute, directed by Fateen Abdel. In 1986 he starred in Wahab and Egyptian Icon. Premieres for the Shadia, Middle East and North Africa region include “Selim” (Jordan) and “Crossing the Bridge: The Voice of Istanbul.”

Artists who walked the red carpet at the start of the ceremony included Will Smith, Johnny Depp and Sharon Stone from the US, Fathi Akin from Germany, Sofia Vergara from Colombia, Nabila Obaid and Lebleba from Egypt, Adel Karam and Nicolas Mouwat. from Lebanon, and Ghusay Qawli from Syria.

Saudi actor Abdullah Al-Satan, German actress Diane Kruger and Indian actor Ranveer Singh were honored at the ceremony.

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The festival also dedicates a section to highlight local filmmakers titled “New Saudi Cinema,” and includes documentaries and feature films that reflect aspects of the promising film industry in the region.

At the start, the festival screened the Saudi movie “Hawjan” directed by Yasser Al-Yasiri starring Noor Al-Qadra, Bara Alam, Nayef Al-Tafiri, Al-Anood Saud, Mohsen Mansour and Shaima Al-Tayeb. It is adapted from a novel of the same title by Ibrahim Abbas.

“Hawjan” is a Saudi fantasy and romantic film. It tells the story of a genie who lives among humans in the city of Jeddah and goes on adventures and journeys to confront evil and reclaim his rights, trying to maintain a balance between his world and his life among humans. Then a love affair arises. Between him and a girl named Sawsan who is studying in medical college.

Jumana Al-Rashed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation, said, “The Saudi film industry has become the fastest growing film industry in the region as movie ticket revenues have doubled since the corona virus outbreak subsided. Achievement levels comparable to those in more established countries.”

In conjunction with the festival, the “Red Sea Market” will take place from the second to the fifth of December and is a platform dedicated to discovering the best and latest products and projects of the Arab and African film market. It is an attractive destination for distributors, festival programmers and producers.

Celebrating female voices in the film industry, highlighting their achievements in front of and behind the camera and showcasing their efforts in shaping cinema, the festival is celebrating its fifth year honoring women in cinema in partnership with Vanity Fair Europe. New generation talent in Saudi Arabia, Africa and India.

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A crisis on the cover of “Asterix and Cleopatra”. Here’s the story



A crisis on the cover of “Asterix and Cleopatra”. Here’s the story


The daughter of French painter and screenwriter Albert Uderzo has filed a complaint seeking to block the sale of the cover of “Asterix and Cleopatra” due to doubts about the circumstances surrounding the seller’s purchase. on Saturday.

The original cover design for “Asterix and Cleopatra” is set to go on sale at an auction organized by Maison Maison in Brussels on December 10.

The map, which dates back to 1963, is estimated to be worth between 400 and 500 thousand euros. It is offered for sale by someone who claims to have owned it for over 50 years. In late November, Maison confirmed in a statement that Uderzo introduced him during a dinner with friends.

Sylvie Uderzo’s lawyer, Arli Rislan, explained to AFP that “the goal is to prevent the sale as soon as possible and to buy time to investigate the circumstances in which this drawing was obtained and to recover it in the long term,” confirming a report by Le Figaro newspaper. .

Breach of trust or theft has been reported.

Albert Uderzo signed the drawings he provided, but the lawyer pointed out that this sketch did not have his signature.

According to Rislan, the auction house informed Sylvie Uderzo and her mother about the sale with a “very vague account” of the circumstances surrounding the seller’s father getting the job.

Maison Belgium’s general director, Arno de Bartz, told AFP that he had been informed of the complaint, but had not yet received it, and admitted that the sale was now uncertain.

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Albert Uderzo gave the map to his friend, whose son now wants to sell it. “There are many drawings that were donated without signing,” he asserted, stressing that these original works had no value at the time.

The movie “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” (2002) was a big hit in the cinema with about 25 million tickets worldwide, which was initially a collection of comedy stories.

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