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Are Influenceurs.euses franç caught by tax authorities in Dubai?


Many influencers have flown to one of the most famous Gulf countries: the United Arab Emirates and more specifically, the city of Dubai. Leaving the lines behind them, Bisk might catch them.

Going to Dubai has become commonplace, even when you become an important influencer. Where does the latest request from social media experts for this city in the UAE come from? From the mix between hot climates, celebrities (and haters) despite security, but financial interest. It seems that the period of more gentle deportation is coming to an end.

Why is the situation in Dubai favorable?

Dubai needs to diversify its sources of income in anticipation of the inevitable disappearance of gold, which is now focusing on tourism, thanks to which their islands are paradise because they are artificial. In recent years, the city has been implementing communication programs, particularly influential marketing, and influencing influencers from all over the world. Invited to palaces and restaurants, all they have to do is promote it, equipped with a smartphone where the views are concentrated.

But this warm welcome does not stop there. In fact, in Dubai, there is no need to pay taxes. There are 45 in the city “Free Trade Zones”, Where there is no income tax. Enough to impress digital celebrities … Reality TV candidate and influencer Jazz Korea declares that it has no mindset about not paying taxes in France, in Video YouTube filmed on a hidden camera, which went viral in the spring of 2021.

How can we avoid being taxed by the French government on which our influencers are generally dependent? Return to Entrepreneurship Page. According to an article in Parisian, “It costs between 5,000 and 10,000 euros to build a company in a free zone, the rent to be renewed every year. Once the structure is created, there is no dividend or income tax.”. Sometimes a very meager effort compared to the substantial taxes that the very wealthy influencers have to pay …

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The end of the tax haven for French influence?

In the hidden camera video, Jazz Korea claims to receive 300,000 euros a month for his work. It’s far from being the best … so France’s deficit is significant, but the wheel could change for the better. On June 16, 2021, the German Ministry of Finance confirmed the hypothesis of the Der Spiegel newspaper, which was given a CD by an anonymous informant.

It will contain considerable information “On Millions of Taxpayers Around the World and Thousands of German Taxpayers With Property in Dubai”, According to an article Echo. This file will allow you to raise the stamp on hidden assets or unregistered income by German foreigners who recently arrived in the United Arab Emirates.

A real call for air for various funds, including the French tax, as German authorities make the data of each of their nationals available overseas. France has already contacted Germany directly to find out whether some French people living in the country have “carelessly” tried to evade taxes, not declaring their income or forgetting to pay.“Exit Line”. This Tax French tax applies to residents “At least six years out of the ten years prior to moving your immigration and social rights, securities or rights have reached a value of at least $ 800,000 or at least 50% of a company’s social benefits. In short, in the case of those who play with the (broad) limits given to them, the rich will fall well into the bisque nets.

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