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The Indian businessman was the only one on the flight to Dubai


It really takes a King-sized life. We may have all wished that the plane we took on the trip was very empty, but it seems that someone from Amritsar enjoyed it: no one but him. An Indian businessman from the United Arab Emirates was recently the only passenger on an Air India flight from Amritsar to Dubai. The businessman and philanthropist who took the three-hour flight on Wednesday was identified as S.P. Singh Oberoi discovered that he was the only passenger on the entire plane. Oberoi, who holds a ten-year gold visa and runs a business in Dubai, said when he bought a ticket for a three-hour flight for 750 dirhams, the Hindustan Times reported.

Speaking to ANI, he said, “On June 23 at 4 am I took a flight from Amritsar to Dubai via Air India (AI-929). I was very lucky to be the only passenger on the entire flight. I feel like a Maharaja during my journey. “Being a single passenger has its advantages:” I was treated well by the whole crew, I took a photo on an empty plane, I took pictures with him and the pilots of the plane.

The solo flight Oberoi costs around 70 dirhams or about 15,000 Indian rupees. Although the royalty for being a single passenger was better for a while, Oberoi said he was bored with the ANI after a while and tried to count the number of seats and the Airbus 320 windows to pass the time. He also measured the length of the plane in stages.

“I missed the usual ‘Jo Pol Cho Nihal’ and ‘Sat Sri Akal’ slogans that Punjabi passengers usually raise when the plane takes off and lands,” he told ANI. But after the intervention of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, he was authorized to do so. “I took with me all the travel documents, including proof of full immunization approved for the United Arab Emirates. I finally took the plane after the intervention of Hardeep Singh Puri’s ministry. Said Oberoi. He added: “Next time I have the opportunity to travel alone, I will refuse. This is good for a personal experience. It was very boring, ”ANI said.

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In early May, a flight with a passenger from Mumbai to Dubai took off as new travel restrictions were imposed on Indian travelers to the United Arab Emirates. An Emirates Airlines Boeing (P-777) with a capacity of 350 passengers took off from Mumbai Airport on May 19. However, due to restrictions on Hindi leaflets, the aircraft was only able to carry one passenger from India. .

Flyer, a 40-year-old businessman by the name of Pavesh Zaveri, booked the column for Rs 18,000. Xavier, who is the CEO of Starcoms Group with an office in Dubai, kept the entire plane to himself, and he had a lot of fun with his journey as he received specialized services from the flight crew.

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