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Are the coastal beaches of Nador and the countryside safe from the “terror of predatory fish attacks”?


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Widespread videos of sharks attacking holidaymakers in Nador, the countryside and several other regions have sparked waves of panic among holidaymakers, and the panic has reached Morocco, even though it is far from such incidents.

In this case, Professor Alam Shakib of the Department of Biology and Marine Biology emphasized that Morocco is not in an area with a lot of predatory fish like the Pacific Ocean. However, the Gibraltar area is considered to be a passageway for it during its migration, which indicates that the reasons for the exodus to the beaches are mainly due to human intervention.

“There is no great danger on the Moroccan sea beaches, and the level of panic comes from movies and social media,” Saqib said.

A marine biologist pointed out that the fish or marine animal of the mammalian class found in Morocco is the black dolphin, or “negro” as it is called in the Al Hoceima region; The sea seal, which has not been seen for years, recently turned up in the Al Hoceima area, and “is evidence of the existence of normal life … the shark present is a small shark or orca.”

Most of these species of mammals do not come close to the coast, but live in the depths of the ocean, “they avoid humans,” the same spokesman emphasized, and these species of fish are in a state of permanent migration. Birds, and the Gibraltar area is the route it passes through.

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The occurrence of sharks in Spain or the Red Sea, especially along the coasts of Egypt, is “a thing caused by the crowds of tourists and the large number of sea vessels,” Shakib pointed out: “These fish may be prone to wandering during their migration.

And he explained: “Each type of fish has a special migration domain and the routes they follow, and sometimes sea vessels send waves that cause fish to wander off their migration routes; This is what drives them off the coast,” insisting, “Marine mammals are good, they need to be marine life; But a person should not take risks and not go too far from the shore.

The expert stressed that the only problem on the Moroccan coast is caused by jellyfish, which sometimes multiply due to climatic conditions. It requires caution and caution from its stings, which are sometimes poisonous and cause burns.

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