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Emirati fencing secures two silvers… Boxing women win two bronzes



Emirati fencing secures two silvers… Boxing women win two bronzes

UAE fencing won two silver medals as the men’s and women’s Ibih teams reached the finals at the 15th edition of the Arab Games hosted by Algeria.

The men’s team qualified by defeating Kuwait 45-43 in the semi-finals, and the women’s IBIE team qualified by defeating Saudi Arabia 45-41, a first for UAE fencing in the history of the Arab competition. It awaits its presence in the finals and two gold medals in the fencing finals. At the 15th edition of the Arab Games hosted by Algeria, the national boxing team won two bronze medals with two champions, Jawahar Al-Amiri in the 48 kg event and Haya Jassim in the 52 kg event.

And with two bronze medals for UAE boxing and a similar medal in fencing, the results of the two finals increased the UAE’s tally to 13 colorful medals. and seven bronzes, two for athletics, one for men and one for women, one for cycling, and four for strength. Committed people.

For his part, Sheikh Engineer Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Asian, Arab and Emirati Fencing Federations, praised the historic achievement of UAE fencing in Arab competition. He said in press reports that Algeria has revived the enthusiasm for Arab sports by organizing the 15th Arab Games after 12 years and congratulated the UAE fencers and duelists for their performance. On the achievement of coach Osama Adel Qandil and all administrative and technical staff.

He added: “This tournament is a platform for both male and female players to launch themselves into the world as it provides an opportunity for male and female players to interact with their families and improve their level in various sports. League of Arab States in organizing the session.

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Cyclist Al Ali is in 6th place

■ National team cyclist Abdullah Al Ali finished sixth in the 29.5km individual time trial in Dibasa city, while our athlete Marwa Salman finished eighth in the women’s race of 15.5km. .

■ The table tennis team made it two consecutive wins before the curtain fell on the group stage in the group matches as it won against Libyan opposition in the first match with a team consisting of Abdullah Al Balushi, Muhammad Mahmoud and Ali Al Hawai. 3-1, followed by a 3-0 win over Sudan.

■ Our women’s basketball team had a strong clash with Tunisia in the semi-final match at the Harsha Hassan Multi-Purpose Hall in Al-Abeer. Abdel-Moti Khorshid, the coach of the national team, said amid the excitement of the players who wanted to reach the finals, it would be the first time.

■ The Rapid Chess Championships reach the final rounds as the national team looks to increase its presence on the podium to add new Arab records after winning two gold medals in the men’s and women’s team events.

■ The national weightlifting team has finished preparations to participate in the Arab Games, where our player Isa Raghab will compete in the 89kg event, while our player Mai Al-Madani will compete in the 71kg event.

■ The karate team arrived in Algeria in preparation for the tournament that will continue on Thursday and Friday. It includes Ahmed Salem Ahmed Idriya, technical director Waheed Hosseini and players Amina Haji, Hawrah Muhammad Abbas, Sarah Hadem Al. -Amri, Fatima Salem Khamis and player Sulaiman Abdul Qader Al-Mullah after recovering from injury and rehabilitation.

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Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi:

• “This course is a platform for both male and female players.”


Jawahar Al-Amiri: Proud of boxing bronze

National boxer Jawahar Al-Amiri expressed his pride and joy in winning the bronze medal in the tournament which saw strong participation from Arab teams. In light of the participation of many women players in the event from different parts of the Arab world during her sporting career.

Haya Jassim: Happy to be on stage

Haya Jassim, national boxer, expressed her happiness at getting on the podium: “Participation was successful because of the collective effort and team spirit of all the members and crew of our national team.” He thanked. He also praised all those who supported him in the Arab mission, especially the UAE Federation, Boxing and the National Olympic Committee.

Al-Yasi: Our ambition is gold in the “Basket of Chairs” competition

Captain Tariq Al Yasi of the determined people confirmed that their ambition is to reach the podium in the chair basketball tournament and after the victory to return home with a gold medal and a new sporting record. More than one conflict against the teams participating in the Arab Games emphasized the confidence in all the teammates. Those who confirmed that they face the challenge and responsibility after arming themselves with determination and perseverance in every competition handled by the team to a plan drawn up to bring a positive result.

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A data war between Barcelona and Sevilla over the Negrera case



A data war between Barcelona and Sevilla over the Negrera case

A data war between Barcelona and Sevilla due to the Negrera case

The last hour saw a tense situation between the Barcelona and Sevilla club officials ahead of the meeting between the two teams at the Louis Companies Olympic Stadium in Montjuic on Friday in the eighth week of the Spanish Football League.

The Sevilla club published an official statement on its official website on Friday about the latest developments in a police raid at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation as part of a judicial investigation into the bribery of a former Barcelona club deputy. Jury President Enriquez Negrera.

The Andalusian club said in a statement: “Seville FC shows its anger and its complete rejection of the practices carried out by former officials of FC Barcelona and those accused in the Negrera case, which are considered criminal by the trial court and the conduct of FC Barcelona during the period in which the alleged crimes took place.” “.

A Sevilla club statement added, “For this reason, we have suspended the special protocol before the Spanish league match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla on Friday, September 29, and there will be no representation of the club. Stages of the Montjuïc Stadium.”

The statement continued: “We express our deepest respect to Barcelona members and season ticket holders, the current staff and leaders who work every day at FC Barcelona, ​​and those indirectly involved in this issue.”

The Sevilla club statement concluded, “We respect Spanish justice, the presumption of innocence and the decisions that can be made in any way. In the interest of competition, the club hopes that all events related to the Negrera case will be resolved amicably. The judge’s recent considerations ensure that such alleged events will not happen again, and the federal bodies… “The matter concerned will henceforth guarantee the integrity of all competitions in which Sevilla FC competes.”

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Barcelona broke ties with Seville

FC Barcelona did not hesitate to respond to Sevilla’s statement, as the Catalan club confirmed that it rejects its rival’s unjustified and inappropriate attack, and made it clear that it would permanently sever its relationship with the Andalusian club. position on the issue.

In a statement published on its official website, Barcelona said: “FC Barcelona wishes to publicly expose the unfair and inappropriate attack by Sevilla, the club who refused to sit at the lunch table between the officials before tonight’s match between the two teams. At Montjuïc Stadium, its officials refused to attend.” On the podium.

Barcelona’s statement added, “Barcelona realizes that this is an attack and an unacceptable insult to the Catalan establishment. The so-called Negrera case cannot be a pretext for such actions, as the judicial procedure is at the investigation stage. Make clear that Sevilla’s position is premature.”

Barcelona did not stop there to confirm that the “judicial decision in no way changes the actual and legal position of the club”. Also, Joan Laborta, president of the Catalan club, intervened months ago in an extraordinary meeting of Spain. The league, “La Liga”, and called the case because he gave all kinds of explanations and clarifications about it.

The Catalan club’s statement concluded: “The action taken by the Sevilla club is completely disproportionate, because on the one hand it condemns the presumption of innocence and on the other hand the practices of FC Barcelona. It is unacceptable and unjustified. The position of the Seville club is that FC Barcelona considers that it has severed all ties with the Seville club.” Unless he corrects his current position.”

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Romarinho and Hamdallah lead Jeddah Union attack against Al-Fayha in Saudi League



Romarinho and Hamdallah lead Jeddah Union attack against Al-Fayha in Saudi League

Arafa al-Daba wrote

Friday, September 29, 2023 04:53 PM

The group’s technical director Nuno Santo announced Jeddah Union The starting line-up will face its counterpart Al-Fayha this Friday evening at the King Fahd International Stadium in the eighth round of Saudi League competitions for the current season 2023-2024.

The union is constituted as follows:

Grohi, Philippe, Hassan Kadesh, Omar Hawsawi, Bamasaud, Cornado, N’Golo Conte, Fabinho, Muhannat Al-Shanqidi, Romarinho, Abdel-Razzaq Hamdallah.

Formation of Jeddah Federation

Al-Ittihad is at the top of the Saudi Professional League table this season with 18 points from 7 matches, where they have won 6 matches and lost one match.

Al-Fayha Club is ninth in the league table with 9 points this season, it has drawn 3 matches, won two and lost two matches.

Al-Ittihad will be looking for a win to continue at the top of the Saudi league, having held the title last season..

While Al-Fayha Club will try to get a positive result from the Al-Ittihad tournament, to improve its ranking in the Saudi professional league table..

Saudi Jeddah Union qualified for the quarter-finals of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, beating Al-Quluth 7-6 on penalties in the round of 32 of the competition..

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ittihad Club are bringing back Brazilian Igor Cornado and Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdalla, who have both returned from injury to train with the Tigers.

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The goalkeeper has returned to training with Neuer Bayern’s squad



The goalkeeper has returned to training with Neuer Bayern’s squad

“CAS” postpones Valieva’s case … and hearings in November

Hearings in the doping case of figure skating competitor Kamila Valeeva have been postponed to November 9 and 10, the Court of Arbitration for Sport said in a statement on Thursday, after the panel of judges requested additional documents.

According to Reuters, Valeeva’s sample was positive for the banned substance trimetazidine at the “Russian National Championships” in December 2021, but the result was not announced until February 8, 2022, a day after she helped her team win a medal. Beijing Olympics.

The International Ski Federation appealed to the Court of Sports after a Russian investigation ruled he was not guilty of any doping-related offences, despite his admission that he had failed a test to detect a substance banned in the sport.

Valeeva claimed in her defense that the positive result of the doping test was the result of mixing it with her grandfather’s heart medication.

The statement said: “After submission of evidence by the parties, the panel requested additional documents and it was decided to adjourn the hearing to a later date to allow all to peruse these documents. To consider appeals.

“The hearings will be held in Lausanne on the ninth and tenth of November 2023, after which the panel will study the case and prepare its final decision.”

The International Olympic Committee allowed Valeeva to compete in women’s singles events despite her positive test, but said team competition medals would not be distributed until her case was resolved.

The USA won the silver medal, Japan the bronze and Canada fourth, ahead of Russia.

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The new postponement comes as a disappointment to the US team, which is still awaiting justice.

For her part, Tracy Marek, CEO of the US Figure Skating Federation, said in a statement: “U.S. Figure Skating is deeply disappointed by the news that the hearing has been postponed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

He added: “We recognize the complexities of the case and the time demands of the legal process, with nearly 600 days of waiting, without reaching a resolution, undoubtedly another painful setback for our competitors.” He continued: “We emphasize the importance of transparency in this matter. “Because it affects our athletes a lot.”

On the other hand, the disciplinary committee of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (Rusada) concluded that Valeeva had committed a violation for which she “cannot bear any fault or negligence.”

The International Skiing Federation is seeking a ruling from the Court of Arbitration for Sport to overturn Rosada’s decision, punish Valeeva and exclude its results.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is seeking a four-year ban, as well as the exclusion of all Valeeva’s results from that date, and expressed some disappointment that the case was being postponed again.

WADA said in a statement: “Due to the confidentiality of the proceedings, WADA is not permitted to comment further on the postponement announced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport earlier today.”

He continued: “However, as it has done at all levels, it will continue to press for an early end to these practices.”

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