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Astronomical Research Reveals Start Date Of Ramzan And Eidul Fitr.. Know Details


Written by Mahmoud Ragheb

Sunday, March 12, 2023 12:09 AM

Dr. Zad Al-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysical Research, said that according to astronomical calculations carried out by the Institute’s Solar Research Laboratory, the crescent of Ramadan will be born immediately. Exactly 7:24 pm local Cairo time on Tuesday 29 Sha’ban 1444 AH corresponding to 21 3/2023 CE (view day).

It should be noted that in the city of Cairo and in most Arab and Islamic capitals and cities, the new crescent is not yet born at sunset (viewing day).

And the moon sets (in the old crescent phase) 9 minutes before sunset in Makkah al-Mukharramah, and 10 minutes in Cairo and in the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the moon sets before sunset, and the sun sets on that day. From (8-11 minutes). For Arab and Islamic capitals and cities, the crescent moon sets after sunset with periods ranging from (3-16 minutes) before sunset to (3-16 minutes) before sunset. (1-2 minutes), and the moon sets with sunset in Lagos.

Thus, Wednesday 3/22/2023 AD is the closing day of the month of Sha’ban 1444 AH, the astronomical start of the holy month of Ramadan 1444 AD is Thursday 3/23/2023 AD, and the blessed Eid al-Fitr is Friday, April 21, 2023. On that day, its prayer will be at 5:47 am in Cairo.

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