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Astronomical Research: The earthquake was 27 kilometers north of Suez


Written by Mahmoud Ragheb

Friday, February 24, 2023 01:12 AM

Stations of the National Seismic Network recorded an earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale 27 km north of Suez.

Its data is as follows:

Date Occurred: 2/24/2023

Event Time: 12:25:41 PM local time

Magnitude: 4.1 degrees on the Richter scale

Latitude: 30.24 North

Longitude: 32.54 East

Depth: 10 km

The company was informed that an earthquake was felt, but there was no report of loss of life or property.

The National Earthquake Network operates through 70 stations, whose locations are carefully selected in light of seismic history throughout Egypt.

The National Earthquake Network is one of the most modern networks in the world, and one of the first in the world in this field, Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East, it has been in existence for more than 150 years, and we have the world’s largest seismic history of more than 5 thousand years, to monitor earthquakes since the beginning of the twentieth century. began, but the history of earthquakes dates back to 5 thousand years in the ancient Egyptian civilization and in all history books. Egypt’s weight and strength in monitoring and dealing with such natural phenomena.

Regarding Egypt’s classification and its global position in earthquake-prone areas, Egypt is far from seismic belts, as there are 7 known seismic belts in the world and Egypt is far from them, but Egypt’s proximity to some seismically active areas. As the Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea affect us, some medium-strength earthquakes and the resilience of Egyptian society are now the governing factor in minimizing losses from receiving shocks.

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