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Google introduces (Magic Eraser) for all Android phones and iPhones

Date: Google today announced the introduction of the (Magic Eraser) feature, after being exclusively available to users of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones in addition to the suite of image editing tools available in the Google Photos app for all Pixel phone users when they are subscribers to the Google One service. These tools can be used on other phones running Android and iOS systems.

The Magic Eraser tool allows users to remove unwanted elements from images, such as strangers appearing in the background of images, power lines, or other things that may affect the aesthetics of the image, as the user can click or draw on the unwanted element. A circle to remove it, from the image, the artificial intelligence in use restores the background to recover its missing parts.

Magic Eraser also offers another feature, Camouflage, which is similar to Eraser, with the difference that it targets elements in the foreground of the image that are difficult to remove without distorting the image. In this case, the tool adjusts the colors of the desired element and gives it a faded color similar to the colors around it, which reduces its importance within the image.

In addition, Google offers a video enhancement feature to increase the brightness and color contrast in the video through the HDR effect, which provides uniform colors that significantly improve the image quality.

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The app offers Google One subscribers new exclusive templates for new collages that the user can choose from when creating a new collage.

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Finally, Google One subscribers can get free shipping on their orders from Photo Print Shop, which allows users to print photo albums and send them to their address. Free shipping is available for subscribers in the US and Canada. , the European Union and the United Kingdom.

And Google said the new features will be rolling out to users of the Google Photos app starting today, for all Google One users on Pixel phones and other smartphones.

Subscriptions to the (Google One) service start at $9.99 per month, which includes 2 terabytes of cloud storage space that can be shared with up to five other people. It also includes a subscription to Google One VPN, discounts on purchases from the Google Play Store, and quick access to technical support.

Notably, Google’s announcement comes among other updates the company introduced today to its suite of services, including YouTube support for the dubbed video clips feature, launch of an in-app podcast service (YouTube Music), and an update. Introducing new features for the Google Smart TV platform, Google TV and Google Docs service.

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