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At an altitude of 940 meters, find a refuge for peace seekers in Iran


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of life, Shoremset Lake in Masandaran Province, Iran is a great choice.

The lake is located 200 kilometers from the Iranian capital Tehran and is 15 meters deep, according to the “Visit to Iran” website.

Credit: Saeed @yellinginthewind

Although it covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters, the lake towards Shajar al-Dur is located at an altitude of 940 meters above sea level.

The lake is surrounded by dense forests and various vegetation, which gives it a breathtaking beauty.

Credit: Saeed @yellinginthewind

Usually, Iranian photographer Muhammad Saeed would take pictures of cities and urban areas, but he would be beautiful in nature.

Shoremset Lake is one of the stations of the Iranian photographer.

The climate of the region is characterized by its four seasons. You will definitely enjoy the view of the cool breeze in summer and the snow-capped white mountains in winter.

Credit: Saeed @yellinginthewind

The website “Visit Iran” also indicates that the weather in the Savatko region is characterized by frequent clouds and fog around Lake Shoremset, which enhances the beauty of the lake.

The area around the lake was covered with greenery at all times because of the vegetation in this area.

Although Shoremst Lake is stunning in winter, the natural beauty around the lake is at its peak in the spring and is ideal for camping.

You can visit this lake in the month of September when the weather is mild and the views around the lake are very pleasant.

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However, when you decide to travel to Sharmist Lake, you should wear appropriate clothing and keep in mind that the temperature will be cooler than anywhere else.

Credit: Saeed @yellinginthewind

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, the Iranian photographer said, “This is a well-known place among Iranians, with people visiting from all over the country. It’s a place for family and friends, and an exceptional landscape where you can take beautiful pictures.”

Credit: Saeed @yellinginthewind

There are some amenities like restaurants, shops, restrooms and parking near Lake Showroom.

Spectator activities include fishing, boating, water skiing, horseback riding and cycling.

Places close to the lake include the historic Lajim Tower, Kanglu Fort, Limestone Falls and more.

Of course, you can use the rooms and huts around the lake to stay in the area. Not only that, you can camp around Shoremst Lake.

Residents of the village rent affordable houses for a short period of time to visitors.

Credit: Saeed @yellinginthewind

Saeed tried to take pictures from different parts of Iran and explored the country’s natural sites such as lakes, mountains and more.

However, the plans of the Iranian photographer changed due to the outbreak of the corona virus and the imposition of travel restrictions from one city to another.

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