June 7, 2023

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Auction 3 years after a painting by a British artist was torn down

Three years after being torn up at auction, a painting of a young woman holding a heart-shaped red balloon by British street artist Pansy, who surrounds herself with a veil of mystery, returns to the auction house again next month for a price of up to eight million dollars..

The painting “Girl and Balloon” captivated the audience when it was torn, and following the announcement of the end of the auction and its acceptance, a piece hidden in the frame was pulled down from its frame between its teeth. One million and 420 thousand pounds, at Sotheby’s auction house in London in October 2018.

The buyer progressed with the purchase, and the painting was renamed “Love in the Trash” and is now valued at four to six million pounds ($ 5.54- $ 8.31 million) per auction hall..

“Its price has almost quadrupled … from the past,” said Oliver Parker, Sotheby’s Europe leader. But I think the banking market has also grown significantly during this period.

Also last March, a bangsi painting of a boy playing with a toy in the form of a nurse in a superhero costume sold for more than $ 20 million, setting a record for the artist’s paintings at auction..

“Love in the Trash” will be on display in Sotheby’s in London before being taken to Hong Kong, Taipei and New York, and will be taken to the British capital for sale on October 14th.