March 29, 2023

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Austrian President Sebastian Kurz has announced his resignation

Austrian President Sebastian Kurz announced his resignation on Saturday following pressure from him over a corruption scandal.

In a TV statement he confirmed that he wanted to “leave the place to prevent chaos”.

“We need stability,” said the 35-year-old Conservative president, adding that it was “irresponsible” to allow Austria to “go into chaos or stagnate for months” as Govt fights the epidemic.

He will nominate Foreign Minister Alexander Shalenberg as a new adviser, while he will be the leader of the “People’s Party” and a deputy in parliament.

Vice President and Green Party leader Werner Kugler on Friday asked the People’s Party to name another president, saying Kurz was “no longer qualified for the post.”

On Wednesday, prosecutors raided several sites affiliated with the “People’s Party” and announced the launch of an investigation into Kurz and nine others accused of using public funds in a corruption deal to ensure positive media coverage.

Kurz denied any wrongdoing, insisting on Saturday that the allegations against him were “false.”

“I can destroy it, I believe it for sure,” he said quietly.

He pointed out that some of the text messages that caused the problem were written in the “exciting moment”, “I am a human being, I have emotions and mistakes.”


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