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Youth champion in “Tahas 18”, “22-foot sailing”


Dubai (Etihad)

Dubai 2021-2022 The “first” Dubai local dove sailing race of the new marine sports season was a great technical success with the participation of 35 boats with 22 participants and more than 150 participants from youth and youth. Types.

After the success of the organizing committee in selecting the appropriate course for the race, the event was held amidst the commitment of the participants by extending the green flag over 5 nautical miles. In front of the Marinas (P&O) in the Fourth Jumeirah from the island of Palm Jumeirah and among the pioneers of Umm Sukeem and Jumeirah beaches.

The boat “Tahas 18”, owned by Abdul Rahman Abdullah of Al Nokhata, caught the attention of the opening race of the maritime season as he advanced past the line where all the boats were celebrating the chess flag. He headed towards his goal and took the lead from his closest followers.

Al-Nokata’s “Zelzal 87” boat, Isa Sultan al-Marzouki, took second place, and third place “Mfaraz 131”, Dr. Led by Mubarak Hamad al-Amiri and Al-Nokhata Ibrahim Saleh al-Marzouki.

In the junior competition, the “Toofan 21” boat, owned by Ahmed Ismail Al Marzouki, the owner of the division last season, and led by sailor Zayed Sultan Al Taheri, won the “Merif 114” boat to its owner, Saeed Saleh Al Hammadi. The second and “String 24” boat took third place. Led by Mohammad Abdul Aziz Al Hammadi and his son Al Nokata Abdul Rahman.

At the end of the competition, to the delight of the sailors and sailors, Mohammed Abdullah Hareb, Managing Director of the Dubai International Marine Club and Haseem Mohammed Al Qamsi, Director of Sports Development, presented trophies to the winning boat captains in the youth and youth categories.

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Mohammed Abdullah Hareb, Managing Director of the Dubai International Marine Club, praised the beautiful and spectacular start to the marine sports season, congratulating all participants on the 22-foot local sailing boat race and concluding the race safely. Great collaboration between the organizing committee and participants on the one hand, the coordinating team and the success partners

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