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“Backstage” of the play celebrates the Emirati's theatrical achievement and his most important experiences |


Sharjah – The new forty-seventh issue of Emirates Theater Association's quarterly Backstage Magazine, recently released in December, Emirates Theater and its most important achievements in 2023, introduced several Emirati theater personalities. Emirati Theater played an active role in their achievements and scene.

In an editorial in the magazine, Ismail Abdullah, president and editor-in-chief of the Dramatists Association, in his article celebrated the achievements of Emirati theater in 2023, which was considered the year of harvest that came after years of sowing. , praised the support of the theater department at the Emirates.

In his article titled “Mohammed Al-Amiri and the Presence,” Academician Editor-in-Chief Habib Guloom Al-Attar celebrated the Emirati director, Mohamed Al-Amiri. It has been noted that al-Amiri has carved out a path for himself and not deviated from it, confidently following a sober path with the intellectual and artistic aura of a creative patron loyal to the culture and theater of his homeland.

◙ The magazine's forty-seventh issue highlights Emirati theater experiences and several theater demonstrations

Al-Amiri made a qualitative change in the style of theater direction, and that experience did not come out of nowhere, but through the accumulation and influence of the pioneers of Emirati theater, who was not satisfied with being beaten, but rather extended their influence with his distinguished presence in the new scene of Emirati theater.

Kuwaiti academic Saeedah Al-Daz addresses academic theater studies in her essay, “Wow…not reading Shakespeare's play,” and asserts that the specialization of multiple creators in a creative field is not limited to specialists in a single field of creativity.

From Jordan, Mufleh Al-Adwan, in his article entitled “Intellectual Property Rights for Dramatic Works… a Necessity, Not a Luxury”, emphasized the importance of protecting intellectual property rights for theatrical works to promote creativity and innovation. A humanitarian artistic message in its local and global dimensions.

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Saad Aziz Abdul-Sahib, an Iraqi academic, in his essay entitled “Theatre and the Son of the Country”, emphasized the role of the institution in presenting a discourse close to the local taste. Performance Halls.

Yasmin Abbas from Egypt's thirtieth session included coverage and readings from several local and Arab theater festivals, including the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater Festival, and its fourth session featured articles on the Baghdad International Theater Festival. Bashar Alivi from Iraq, two coverages of two Kalba festivals for short plays in its tenth session, and Dubai Youth Theater in its fourteenth session.

The issue also includes a conversation with Moroccan artist Amin Nassour, hosted by artist Bodour Al-Zai and Moroccan Karima Garbidou, at the last session of the Emirates Children's Theater Festival in 2023. Many theater studies differ in their propositions.

Muhammad Saeed Ahmed from Sudan, “Muhammad Al-Amiri and the Use of Tradition in Creating the Vocabulary of Performance” and Muhammad Al-Nabulsi from Jordan, “Sharjah Academy for Performing Arts on Broadway” and Muhammad Bin Bakhridi from Algeria, “Modern Theater in Light of Digitalization” A case in point is the Emirati drama “Maestro”.

Khalida Shibani of Tunisia wrote about the period of al-Assad al-Mahvashi, while al-Zubair Mahdad of Morocco wrote about “Children's Theater between Marketing and Commodification” and academician Lajis Muhammad wrote about “Theatrical Play and Children's Theater”. “

As for Ibrahim al-Husseini from Egypt, he chose to go for “playwriting for spaces and open spaces”, and critic Hadem al-Dalili from Tunisia wrote about “the tragedy of play criticism” and academic Dalia Hammam from Egypt. Saudi dramatist Fahd Radda talks about Al-Harithi's texts in his article.

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Dr. from Lebanon. Hisham Jean El-Din wrote about “The Problem of Drama and the Relationship between Text and Direction, Its Effects and Changes,” and Al-Husam Mohi El-Din from Lebanon introduced readers to “Sanford Meisner's Theatrical Action Technique.”

Rami Darwish from Syria wrote an essay on “Theatrical Music and Its Role in Drama Performance”. In the “Images of Art” section, this issue of the magazine focuses on pioneering Emirati playwright Abdullah Al Mannai, his distinguished history and his special and unique theatrical approach.

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