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In a sustainable year… UAE's nuclear energy sector achieves milestones


In this context, the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program continues to play a key role in achieving exceptional achievements, accelerating the process of reducing the carbon footprint, supporting the transition to clean energy sources and enhancing the UAE's leadership role. Globally in this field.

This year, the sector has seen significant growth, starting with the Emirates Nuclear Corporation's announcement in February that a third plant within the Barakah Peaceful Nuclear Plants in the Al Dhafra area of ​​Abu Emirate will begin commercial operation. DHABI contributes more to the contribution of plants to reducing the overall carbon footprint in the region. UAE aims to continue supporting sustainable economic growth by generating up to 4,200 MW of carbon-free electricity

The UAE continued to strengthen its leadership position in the nuclear sector with the election last May of Mohammed Al Hammadi, Managing Director and CEO of Emirates Nuclear Corporation, as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Internationally, Al Hammadi will be the first Emirati and the first Arab to hold the post after assuming office.He will assume his post in 2024. This is the UAE's second international achievement in the nuclear sector after the election of Al Hammadi. President of the International Organization of Nuclear Operators.

In July, Barakah First, an affiliate of the Corporation responsible for the financial and commercial aspects of Barakah stations, achieved an important milestone by completing the refinancing process for Barakah stations in collaboration with Emirati financial institutions. Completed refinancing of the entire outstanding balance under the Korea Export-Import Bank's credit facilities. Two leading Emirati banks, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank, with new credit facilities, demonstrate the great confidence in Barakah stations. project, as well as income from new economic hubs for the UAE, which will be achieved by improving the supply chain. Locally, it provides thousands of job opportunities for UAE citizens.

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On the sidelines of the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) Conference of the Parties in Dubai, the Corporation and the World Atomic Energy Agency announced the launch of the “Nuclear Energy for Climate Neutrality” initiative last September. Leaders and decision makers have been called to triple nuclear power by 2050.

The initiative was a major success with 22 countries pledging on the third day of the COP28 conference to triple the production capacity of nuclear power by 2050. To reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the reduction of carbon footprint of industries.

In the same context, in the same month, in collaboration with the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory, the Corporation launched a program to reduce the carbon footprint of all its operations and subsidiaries at the Baraka plant site. A path enabling the corporation to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve climate neutrality for all its operations…using advanced technology.

During the same period, during the COP28 conference, the Middle East branch of the “Women in Nuclear Energy Organization” was launched under the leadership of an Emirati, and in line with the COP28 goals of gender equality in strategies for sustainability and carbon reduction. This comes within the framework of the company's continued commitment to building footprint, skills and capabilities. Women in the fields of nuclear science, engineering and technology have played a key role in the development of women's capabilities in innovation and resource generation. Inspiring young women through their role in the UAE's peaceful nuclear program.

The Corporation took important steps in achieving the broad and comprehensive goals of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, which signed several communication agreements with specialized organizations from around the world at “COP28”, exploring opportunities for joint cooperation in developing advanced technologies. Department of Nuclear Energy within the framework of “Advanced Energy Technologies Programme”. Nuclear power to support heavy industries and sectors that require large amounts of energy.

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Emirates Nuclear Corporation announced the completion of fuel loading at the Unit 4 reactor in Barakah in 2023, in line with local regulations and the requirements of the highest international standards, a critical step towards the full operation of Unit 4. Baraka Stations, it is the largest contributor and largest single source of carbon footprint reduction. For clean electricity in the region.

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