August 11, 2022

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Baladi: Di ​​Maria: I'm not the star of Juventus deals

Baladi: Di ​​Maria: I’m not the star of Juventus deals

belbalady believes Argentina’s new signing Angel Di Maria does not have a strong bargain for the club.

Di Maria joined on a free transfer a season after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired.

Di Maria told Mexican channel “Zona Deportiva US”: “I’m not the star of the Juventus deals, I came to help the team and try to make Juventus win again.”

“I want to contribute to the team like I have contributed to any team I have played for,” he added.

He added, “The visit to Italy is very important, it is important for me to continue with the best teams.”

“I’ve been with the best teams in every country, which means I’m at a high level, and that’s why Juventus are interested in me.”

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Di Maria scored Juventus’ first goal from a corner kick against Mexico’s Chivas Guadalajara as part of the team’s friendly preparations for the new season.

Juventus beat Mexico 2-0 after the Argentine replaced Switzerland’s Dennis Zacharia.

Juventus signed Mercado this summer with a quartet of Angel Di Maria, Paul Pogba, Kelsen Bremer and Andrea Cambiaso.

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