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Saad Al-Sagheer Attacks Bossi: She Works In A Star, I Have All Her Secrets | News


Artist Saad al-Zakir has criticized singer Bose for his stance on an episode of his “Molaha Nar” show in which he hosted his father.

Saad al-Zakir, in an interview with the media on the “Seven Sama” show on the Al-Nahar channel, Rakita Shalhoob, said that she was angry with Bose and that their relationship had not been good in recent times.

He was surprised that he had tried to contact Posey more than once before meeting Posey’s father to film the episode, but he ignored the response to his messages and then his business manager contacted him and told him not to air the episode. .

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Saad al-Zakir said he aimed to resolve differences between Bose and his father, who had publicly attacked him for misrepresenting his rights.


Chad confirmed to his business manager, “Bossie, if she had watched the episode, de Hudpusni” because his father appeared on the show apologizing and he talked about not wanting any financial help from his daughter, which was enough for him. Forgive him.

He also said that he was waiting to call him to thank Bose, but that he completely ignored him, and after receiving an apartment from the Al-Shams channel, he sent his uncle to his father to humiliate him, and he told his movement. Talk to Bossie: “Well, what do you answer, I told her business manager, her father spoke up and we’ve said on the show that she was the one who met the need,” Bossie rejected the plan.

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Saad al-Zakir expressed his anger at Bose’s reaction after the episode: “I know all of Bose’s secrets, and I’m showing you sweetness. You did not star me.” It made her famous.

Saad al-Zakir claimed that the song belonged to singer Amina, but he got into an argument with composer Mohamed Abdel Money, and on one occasion he sat down with the composer and received a call that changed Bose’s life, and said: Does, we want her to sing. “

He suggested he sing her the song “Aa Ya Tonia” and asked her to talk to Mohamed Abdel Monim, who went together to meet her at her workplace on Haram Street, and she received the song, insisting that she now ignores him. Read messages and read them without reply.

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