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Basem Qahar speaks with “Fi Al-Fan”: “The Spider” reminded me of my meeting with “The Leader” and I filmed my audience in 4 days | News


Iraqi artist Bassem Qahar received positive reactions after starring in the movie “The Spider” with stars Ahmed Al-Sakka, Dhafer Al-Abidin and Mona Zaki, despite a limited number of views, but his appearance and acting won over many. “In Art” met Pasem Kahar and talked to us about the details of his role in the film and his opinion about the rivalry between Ahmed Helmi and El-Sakka.

First, Iraqi artist Pasem Kahar expressed his recommendation for the film “The Spider” to director Ahmed Nader Jalal, where he said, “I went to portray my character in the film and found a kind of psychological peace in that place. I have all the details.

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Details of working with Ahmed El Sakka

He added, “This is the first time I’ve collaborated with star Ahmed El Sakka, but he’s one of the few stars to realize that you’ve been friends for many years. “Series. The first meeting between us. I felt I knew Adele Imam from a young age, and this feeling draws him more attention when he reaches the actor. Above all the details of his character and work.

As for the work scenes, Pasem Kahar took only 4 days to shoot his scenes in the movie “The Spider”, but as he was filming in the desert, the scenes were amazing despite the difficulties. We wore winter clothes, but we met in the bricks as the heroes of the film and exchanged ideas with each of the action heroes to benefit from the experiences of some.

Basem Qhar stressed that he was eager to get reactions to his work, whether it was cinema or drama, and through the writings of critics. And the good reactions he received made me so happy that I was on the right track and my efforts were not in vain.

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Competition with Ahmed Helmi

Between “The Spider” and “Timor and Shafika” … 3 similarities and one difference
Commenting on artist Ahmed Helmi’s competition with “One Tony” for “The Spider”, he said, “This competition supports the film industry because commercial producers will develop production methods and campaigns to reach a wider audience. Ahmed Helmi is well established as one of the most important comedians in the Arab world and in Egypt. El-Saka has a great presence as an action star for 30 years, and it’s normal to walk and I’m glad the spider is making more revenue, and I hope it gets number one in revenue in the coming weeks.



Basem Qahar explained that he has been stable in Egypt for more than 10 years, but since he is primarily a director he travels from time to time to Iraq, Syria and many European countries to work abroad or visit his relatives and friends. “Since I immigrated to Egypt, especially after I participated in the” Nazi Atta Band “Got Series, he adds.” And every year I have a dramatic work, so I participated in the series “Siddique Al-Omar”, “Maulana the Lover”, “The Nightmare”, “Follow the Clouds” and other cinematic plays, but I was lucky enough to attend a play this year Not available.

The latest creation of Bassem Qhar

Pasem Kahar revealed his work that I will be participating in the film “The Swarm” with Ahmed Nader Galal, a film director who tells the most important story about the famous incident of the Egyptians in Libya. Most of it, and there are several scenes scheduled to be completed by the end of this month, and I mentioned working outside of Egypt.

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