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Before being shown on Eid al-Adha .. Tamar Hosni gave the official promotion of the movie I Love You.


You follow the details of that message before it is shown on Eid al-Adha.

Cairo, Thursday, May 5, 2022 09:53 PM – Mohamed El-Sayed – / 695827 / Eid-al-Adha-Tamer-Hosni- In-I Love Before you propose the official ad for the movie

Generation star, artist Tomar Hosni has released a promo for his latest film “Bahabak”, which is slated for release in the upcoming Eid al-Adha season.

Tod Al Khaleej oversees the official promotion of the movie I Love You.

Damer Hosni longs for his fans for the movie “I Love You”

Damer posted a promotional video of the film on his official account on the site of short tweets commenting on it: “The first official announcement of the upcoming I Love You film, which is by the will of God, is Eid al-Adha.”

Story and events of the movie I Love You

The story of the movie “Love You” starring Damer Hosni, in a romantic comedy framework, revolves around Egypt cinema in a new way and style, as Damer Hosni’s audience has become accustomed to from his previous films and Damer is always eager to present. New.

Heroes of the movie I Love You

A group of famous stars, the most famous of whom are: Mega star Damer Hosni, Hana Zahid, Mehta Ismail, Hamdi Al-Mirgani co-starred in the movie “Bahabak”. The film has many more stars and young talents. , And Tamer Hosni continues to introduce him to new faces through his various works, as well as what happened when the heroine of this film, Hana Zahid, first introduced him to her through her “Timing Difference” series.

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Synergy Films for Producer Ahmed Badawi, TH Production for Producer Hosam Hosni, Sky Limit for Producer Ahmed Desoki , And he also wrote the screenplay and dialogue.

Artist Tamar Hosni has released several behind-the-scenes photos of the second day of filming of “I Love You” with artist Hana al-Zahid, along with young artist Hana al-Zahid, through her official account in the community. The Facebook networking site commented on the photos, saying, “These are pictures taken during the first two days of filming. For our new movie (I Love You) of course, there will be those who read the name of the movie. “I love you” and people will read it “I love you.” It’s definitely purposeful, because we’re always looking for the authenticity of the word “I love you” from a man in the movie play. To a woman, and “I love you from a woman to a man” in really confusing cases.

Tamar Hosni’s new film starring Hana Al-Zahid and Hamdi Al-Margani. Damer Hosni added about the movie “I Love You”: “The movie is definitely funny, but totally romantic. I’m not so happy. , She rediscovered her and gave her a new way.I’m so glad to share my heart with you, Habib, Best Comedian Hamdi Al-Margani, who, God willing, will do a terrific job in the film, unfortunately he is still being photographed by Hahriya Pictures First day “.

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