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Benefits of a joint venture .. $ 100 million Emirati-Jordanian investment fund


On Wednesday, the Jordanian capital, Amman, launched a $ 100 million Emirati-Jordanian investment fund for promising entrepreneurial projects.

The $ 100 million technology investment capital fund in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Jordan and the UAE Investment Holding Company (ADQ) was launched under the auspices of Prime Minister Dr. Bishr al-Ghaznavin.

According to the Jordanian news agency Petra, the Jordanian Prime Minister stressed that the Jordanian-Emirati Investment Fund was launched in the context of agreements and understandings between the two brotherly countries.

He explained that it comes within the framework of an excellent fraternal relationship led and funded by King Abdullah II of Jordan and his brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, the sister of the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Prime Minister of Jordan said: “We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the United Arab Emirates Investment Agency. Relationships and cooperation are the culmination and implementation of a common political will, the unity of the situation and an exceptional fraternal relationship that unites the two fraternities. Leaders and people.

Al-Qassavne added: “I am proud to chair the Jordanian delegation to launch the Industrial Coordination Initiative, initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed, President of the United Arab Emirates, and to lead to economic co-operation between the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan. The United Arab Emirates and the United Arab Emirates of Egypt are creating an economic integration and alternative state that benefits from the added value of the three countries.

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The Prime Minister of Jordan reaffirmed his hope that this initiative would be the first attempt to expand this partnership to include other parties and regions that benefit the people of our countries and the entire region.

Al-Qassavne concluded: We and our people in the United Arab Emirates always complement each other, and we have exceptional bonds and relationships provided by King Abdullah II and Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed.

The launch of the fund comes within the strategic industrial partnership between the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

The fund aims to enhance the continued digital prosperity of the economy by supporting high-growth technology companies and financing emerging companies in the field of technology and leading companies in the field of information technology, communications and financial services. Education, Food and Agriculture, Health and Life Sciences Transportation, logistics and clean energy technology

The agreement was signed by Ahmed Al-Hanande, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship on behalf of Jordan, and Mohammed Hassan al-Shwaidi, Managing Director and CEO of ADQ on behalf of Emirati.

Jordan’s Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship said the launch of the fund was a milestone in Jordan’s economic growth and reflects the government’s interest and focus in bringing about change, which has a positive impact on the economy. Page.

He pointed out that the holding of Holding Company (ADQ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and leadership in high-growth technology companies will help to provide new opportunities in the digital sector in the country and to enhance their development. Position on the global technology map.

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In turn, ADQ CEO Mohammed Hassan al-Swaidi explained that the release of these funds was due to the great potential of the technology system in the Kingdom. The vibrant market in Jordan offers great investment opportunities in sectors where the company specializes.

He pointed out that this investment will support the growth of the Jordanian market, facilitate access to leading companies, accelerate growth opportunities and benefit companies and entrepreneurs from leading technology markets and funds.

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