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Completion of the first and second phases of the “Integrated Register of Dubai Government Employees”


As part of its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2021, Dubai Digital unveiled the latest developments in the “Integrated Registration of Dubai Government Employees” project launched in collaboration with the Dubai Government Human Resources Department.

The project aims to enable the Government of Dubai to invest optimally in its human resources and develop the capabilities to meet the needs and aspirations of the Smart City by creating a network of interconnected and reliable data records for a stable and happy city. The project is part of the “Dubai Records” initiative launched in March 2020.

The project involves 4 teams from four companies, working side by side in the spirit of one team. Upon completion of the project, the “Dubai Pulse” platform will include data on more than 100 government agencies and more than 90,000 employees on record. The project records more than 60 data items and more than 90 items upon completion. The project saw the organization of more than 240 workshops with various stakeholders involved in the project.

The project is divided into five phases, the first 26 companies, the second 31 companies and the third 8 companies. As for the fourth phase, it will cover 15 companies and the fifth 29 companies.

Dubai Digital has announced the completion of the first and second phases of the project, which will include data from 57 government agencies of the Dubai government, while it is currently working on the third and fourth phases of the project involving 23 government agencies, including 29 companies in the final phase of the project, bringing the total number of agencies to the end of the project. Project 109.

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The developments of the project were introduced by “Dubai Records”, which includes general information used in official government forms in the integrated form of government agencies. In addition to launching the “Dubai Human Resource Leadership Group”, it covers the data of approximately 54,000 employees and supports achieving multiple quality goals, especially the leadership process of making good decisions based on improved and reliable data.
In this project, records are linked between human resources in government agencies to achieve coordination between these agencies in the process of providing integrated registration for human resources, and as a result, the agencies provided their data to employees processed by Dubai Data Corporation. Power, and raised their quality by more than 95%.

The scope of application of the scheme covers all government agencies in the emirate and includes all data related to government employees. The data components of the integrated record are as follows: personal data, work data and work qualification and experience data.

Quality levels for the data of registered companies reached 98% of the data of first-tier companies (initial percentage 67.98 percent), and 90% of the completion rate of secondary data. Companies (initial percentage 75.20%), and 99% as a percentage of data accuracy for first- and second-tier companies.

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