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Beware of 5 foods that increase the level of inflammation in the body


Some foods, such as fried foods or processed meats, can also cause inflammation. Watching the situation worsen will help you feel better in the long run. While many elements exacerbate inflammation, some components penetrate and slowly stimulate the immune system.

When the body thinks there is an invasion of bacteria or other pathogens it reacts through the immune system, first sending cytokines and other inflammatory cells to protect the body, and then the healing process begins, resulting in swelling, pain and sometimes reddening of the skin, according to the Eat This website, it does not .

According to the Cleveland Clinic website, this applies to foods that are added to the diet that can lead to inflammation. Sometimes severe inflammation occurs when the body compromises, but chronic inflammation can also occur, which, when not compromised, occurs when the body triggers a reaction from the immune system. The risk is that chronic inflammation can lead to various diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Dietitians Say About Ways To Reduce Inflammation By Finding Foods That Make It Great, Eat This Not That:

1. Meat

Many people know that processed meat triggers an inflammatory reaction, but generally they do not realize that animal protein can lead to the same condition.

“Knowing that certain amino acids in meat can cause inflammation and mutations in the gut microenvironment and in general lead to digestion and metabolism is what Professor Dana Ellis-Hones says can lead to a healthier and more environmentally friendly life.”

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Professor Hans notes, “Many people who eat a lot of meat also take in nitrates, which cause inflammation.”

Professor Hunes recommends a vegetarian or vegetarian diet rich in whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, all of which are anti-inflammatory and rich in fiber, water, slow-digesting carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. “

2. Salad stock

“Research shows that high intake of dietary sugar contributes to inflammation,” says nutritionist Dr. Jonah Bordius. That, especially the types that cause inflammation.

Dr. Portius recommends replacing salad dressings with olive oil-based dressings, especially as they are a good source of omega – 3 fatty acids, which help prevent inflammation.

3. Granola bars

“Without adding sugar, granola bars can be replaced with a piece of fruit and nuts,” says Dr. Bordeaux explains that it tastes like granola bar and is crunchy without the addition of sugar. The body also benefits from fiber from fruits and nuts, which have been shown to reduce inflammatory markers.

4. Frozen yogurt

“Not all frozen yogurts are made the same way, and some manufacturers rely heavily on sugar for their products,” says dietitian Susan Kelly.

Dr. Kelly explains that some people may think that frozen yogurt may be a healthier and safer alternative to ice cream, but the truth is that some types of frozen yogurt are filled with very high amounts of sugar.

5. Prepared seasoning packages

Dr. Kelly says, “Spices that are prepared make any food taste easy and quick, but they are [ربما] They contain artificial colors, which warns that these artificial colors can lead to inflammation. Therefore, it is better to add some “spice mixes” or make at home.

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A scientific article based on information about alternative therapies in health and medicine linked certain dietary dyes to IBD and neurological conditions. In a study of cell metabolism, food dyes were linked to the development of the form of IBS.

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