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Someone sacrifices her and marries her so that we may be saved


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Mahmoud al-Mahdi, the husband of young Egyptian artist Menna Arafa, sparked controversy after sending a message to him over the past few hours criticizing artist Ilham Shaheen and his wife for refusing to kiss and love scenes. .

Al-Mahdi posted a picture of his statements on his personal account on the social networking site “Instagram” through the Al-Astori feature and wrote in it: “Someone sacrifices and marries her, so we will be saved.” , Men.

Elham Shaheen expressed his anger over the stars refusing to star in hot and intimate scenes, noting that those scenes are no longer like the first scenes.

During the “My Secret” show aired on Cairo and the People, Shaheen said: “There are no hot scenes in the cinema. He measures her pulse. If anyone says he’s not holding my hand, he measures it. You do.

Shaheen also attacked his colleague Adar al-Hakim, who, after spreading the news of his retirement from art and worship, insisted, “Whoever wants to leave quietly without any notice. Many artists have done so. Um haram.”

Elham Shaheen quoted the late artist Shadia as saying when he retired: “Shadia, when he retired, did not appear on shows or in press interviews. He disappeared, did not answer the phone and moved.”

And Ilham Shaheen continued, attacking the consequences of al-Hakim: “If art is like this .. why did you enter this profession if you did not respect it?”

He added: “She’s been a full-time veteran for a long time. She has not worked for about 20 years. Did she not worship during this period?

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It came during the second part of Asma Ibrahim’s “My Secret” show with the media on the “Cairo and the People” channel, during which she confirmed: “If I retire, I will disappear, I will disappear. I do not attend festivals or art shows, and I’re obsessed with art. I do not think about retiring because I love, and I enjoy life, and I believe I do not have to retire.


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