March 25, 2023

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Discusses the field of CABSAT Satellite and Fifth Generation Networks

Discusses the field of CABSAT Satellite and Fifth Generation Networks

Dubai (WAM)

The International Exhibition of Digital Media and Satellite Communications “CABSAT 2021” continued its work by organizing group discussions and content conferences. At a session entitled “Current Ban: Revealing the Recession of World Film Production”, Peter Smith, CEO of MBC Studios, expressed his hope that film releases would continue their momentum and return to cinematic releases through high-definition video-on-demand services. Or become a combination of two options. At the content conference, Catherine Mwangi, head of television program production and planning for the Kenya Television Network, reviewed the growth of cross-border consumption rates of content from African television networks. Follow an algorithm for delivering content to Arabic audiences in which language is the only drawback.
The content conference is about the potential and hopeful potential of the content sector in Africa and how it can be initiated and benefited through collaboration between different sectors across the continent. Aduko Armstrong Itzaba, director general of the National Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria and a professor at Veritas University in Abuja, said African content was making great strides and there were promising opportunities.
Speakers at the SatExpo Summit at CABSAT discussed the Department of Satellite and 5G Networks’ promise to provide an emergency response to humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts. Speaking to delegates attending the summit, Riyaz Lamech, Director of International Certification Programs for Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Response and Training, GVF, the only global non – profit association in the field of satellite, said, “5G networks and IoT have promising opportunities for deployment and disaster relief utilization, of course. , Their solutions will first be commercialized before being used in disaster response and training.Satellites, due to their high reliability in the event of disasters, are the best means of communication, so we will benefit from the ability to connect them to 5G networks.
Gulf Cooperation Council International Red Cross for Countries and Mission President of the Red Cross Associations Dr. Fawzi Amin said 5G networks would greatly help expand access to refugee e-education services around the world.

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